Thursday, January 16, 2014

Star Pretzel Treats

At my church I am a youth counselor for our Young Women's program.  We help teach, guide and encourage the young women aged 12-18.  We have special church classes on Sunday, youth activities one night a week, sports throughout the year according to the sport season, and have ceremonies twice a year to celebrate the achievements of our girls that are in the program.  During January we had a New Beginning's night, where our current young women introduce the girls who will be aging into Young Women's to the program, each class age, goals, and the fun things that we will be doing throughout the year.

The theme for our New Beginning ceremony was "Light of Christ".  I was put in charge of the treats and desserts.  With our budget it was pretty hard to find something healthy.  But with some creativity and searching on Pinterest here is what we ended up giving the girls.  I bought a big pack of pretzel rods, and 6 bags of yellow candy chocolate that I had to melt.  I used flavorings like Lemon, and Coconut in different batches of melted chocolate to help dull down the sweetness of the melted white chocolate.  I ended up with 40 pretzel stars, then about 30 pretzel chocolate dipped with sprinkles rods.  We also had dark chocolate, lemon poppy seed, and spice cake mini muffins and pomegranate sprite to serve.  This event being a ceremony and it being church dress, and families invited, I decided to have a special treat just for the girls, so I found and printed a sweet quote about the light of Christ and tied it onto the pretzel stars for those girls.  We had enough of those quote stars to give to the new young women too.  It turned out great!

My goal was to have the stars be in vases, so this was my test,
but they were too top heavy with the candy chocolate

This platter was for siblings and parents

Here is a sample of what I made for all the Young Women

The quote says: "If you want to give light to others; you must first shine yourself." Thomas S. Monson.  "Just as Heavenly Father told man to come unto Christ using a star, you too can be a star and shine for others, welcoming them unto Christ.!"

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