Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Home School Field Trip: Chocolate Factory

We have been with our current home school group into our second year now.  Its really fun to have a group that has your same values, beliefs, caring and understanding, and joy in planning great activities for each grade/ age of child participating.  Every other Friday throughout the whole year our home school group gets together and will do any of the following:

  • go on a field trip
  • celebrate a holiday with a party
  • have an educational presentation meeting
  • craft day
Our latest field trip was to a Chocolate Factory in the down town Capital of North Carolina.  Let me just say, though it was neat, it wasn't what I expected, and my kids grew restless really quickly.  We did the free tour, but lets be honest, would you have paid to do what we did for free?  The tour consisted of walking into the store, seeing the display counter, the hot coffee and hot chocolate counter, and the back part of the factory where they make their chocolates.  For the back part of the factory you walk around reading 6 different signs, and then you get to check out 2 of their employees working (one making truffles, one making bars), and then some of their equipment.  Then lastly you go back to the front counter for 1 morsel of a sample (large chocolate chip size) of each of their chocolates (6 I think).  When you walk back outside by their front door the mulch is actually the bean husks they recycle back into nature.

Videri Chocolate Factory down town Raleigh NC
Front counter sign!

They buy their organic supplies in bulk, here is a sample of their bulk items
They framed one of their organic cocoa bean bags
this is from 1960ish

Here is a sample of their truffles, we didn't get to try these, but they look good

My kids loved getting samples at the end.  We tried some of their hot chocolate and sipping chocolate but the kids didn't like it.  Because the chocolate beans, and sugar, and other ingrediants are organic the chocolate doesn't taste like Hersheys chocolate, or Swiss Miss Hot chocolate which my kids are used to.  I however loved the organic chocolate!

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