Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phase 3: Jobs and Charts

This is our last phase of our Job Charts for our kids.  This whole process took much longer than I had hoped, but we were in the process of getting ready to move, and then found out it was pushed back an extra month.  So that's why it took so long.  But here is the final step.

Dollar Tree piggy Banks: 3 per child

I used NailRitz nail polish pens to write Joseph's name on his 
sorry this is sidways, I couldn't get it to change:
 I used Nailritz nail polish pens to write Dallen's name on his

Once everything was dry for Joseph's stuff

Once everything was dry for Dallen's stuff
The reason we did 3 banks per child is for this reason.  One bank is for Savings, one for Spending and one for Tithing.  Our beliefs in our church is that we are tithed 10% of everything we earn, and we give that money back to the Lord via his leaders.  Here is a link explaining more about Tithing.  Anyways, so since our kids can get up to $5.50 a month (rounding), what we do is give them their money into their Savings bank.  Then at the end of each month the 10% will go to the Tithing bank and we'll have them give that to the church.  Then half of whatever is left will go into spending.  Until we can come up with a better plan this is what we're going to use.  If it changes we'll let you know.  Enjoy!

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