Thursday, January 16, 2014

Organic Blueberry Honey Pop Tarts

Details: Nature's Path Organic Frosted Buncha Blueberries Toaster Pastries.  Real Organic fruit.  Non GMO.  Certified USDA Organic. Vegetarian.  Serving size is 1 pastry, and comes with 6 servings.  Organic blueberries with organic honey in an organic wheat flour pastry.  To be heated in the toaster or the microwave.

A message from the Founder: "Growing up on an organic farm, I learned a lot about caring for the land and the importance of good stewardship.  As my father Rupert used to say, ' Always leave the Earth better than you found it.' Those wise words flavor everything we do here at Nature's Path." Arran Stephans, Founder and Garden Keeper.

My Review: These were on sale at Lowes Foods so I decided to buy them.  I am slowly working my way into the world of Organic foods.  I have a special spot in my heart for pop tarts; they have always been our Christmas morning breakfast treat.  So to find my favorite flavor of pop tarts that are Organic, I had to try them.  Let's start with the things that I found out.  The picture on the front shows thick white frosting on each pop tart.  That is not the case.  The frosting is thin, and only on the top pop tart in the package.  The pop tart it self is not very appetizing cold.  You have to heat it up, but then all pop tarts taste better warmed up.  My kids and I loved the pop tarts, my husband only liked the center with the jam.  The edges are really dry, and card board tasting so he cut them off, basically wasting a good portion of each pop tart.  I love that it says one serving is one pop tart but each package comes with 2 pop tarts.  So its like they are purposely having you eat more than what you should.  This is true of all pop tart brands, not just Nature's Path.  Organic pop tarts are just as good if not better flavored than regular pop tarts, but they aren't perfect.

Pros: yummy, honey infused,

Cons: the edges are card board tasting

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