Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crayola Pre-K Shapes

 Details: Crayola Pre-k Fun Learning book about Shapes.  Comes with encouraging stickers.   Learn to draw the shapes with dotted line tracers, count shapes, color images of shapes.
 My Review:  My preschooler loves these books.  In fact we have 4 different brands of Pre-K shape books and this one is his favorite.  I don't know why, they all cover the same basics: circles, ovals, diamonds, hearts, squares, rectangles, etc.  He loves showing his Daddy what he does during school time each day, and when he finishes a work book he gets to get a reward from my Home School reward box.  Now to see if they offer more options for pre-school work books.

Examples:  here are some images of what you can find in this specific workbook.


draw shapes around specific items on the pages

patterns and color by shape

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