Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Armpit Stain Remover

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: Raise Armpit stain remover: eliminates tough underarm stains.  Raise is a powerful formula specifically designed to dissolve and lift yellow sweat stains from clothing.  12 fl oz bottles available.  Works best on stains that have not been treated with bleach.  Directions: wear household rubber gloves, lay garment on cloth towel, apply to effected area rub together, left garment sit for 15-20 minutes, launder according to garment specifications.  WARNING: do not use on metal, glass, marble or glazed tile when applying raise stain remover to garments.  Made in USA.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  I got this product to test, try and review.  After carefully reading the directions and warnings I was ready to test this product on white clothing.  My test garments are: a boy's t-shirt that is stained yellow from play sand, a woman's white t-shirt that has armpit stains, and a man's t-shirt that has armpit stains.  I put on my rubber gloves, then just to be safe (and because I have little counter space in the laundry room) I put 2 "rag" towels down then the garments, then I poured some of the stain remover on each garment and its stain.  I took before the stain remover was poured on, and then after the stain remover was poured on, and then after the garment was washed and dried pictures for you to see what worked or didn't work.  After using this stain remover on my 3 test garments, I also used it on every white garment in that load that needed stains removed.  I figured I would put my faith in this product working, and test it out.  Well, I let them sit for 20 minutes then washed them, and dried them according to how these garments needed to be washed and dried.  But when I pulled the garments out of the drier and was folding them and putting them away, I saw that for the boy's t-shirt no stains came out.  I also had mold on the t-shirt because of the humidity and it being stuck in the bottom of my white pile for a while, as I waited weeks for this product to be shipped.  On the women's t-shirt I saw the armpit stains still there, but they were lighter.  I also saw the armpit stains still on the man's t-shirt but again, they were lighter.  So even though the stains didn't come out at all, they lightened just a little bit.  Not what I was hoping for, not what I was expecting, but now that I have these results, I'm  thinking that I won't be using this product anymore, and keep looking around.  I don't want the stain to take a while to officially come out, but rather have it out as soon as it comes out of the wash the first time.  I do not recommend this product since it doesn't do what it claims.
before stain remover

after stain remover

after washed and dried

Pros: it lighted the stains

Cons: stains didn't come out fully, some stains didn't lighten at all.

Giveaway/ Contest: This company wants to offer anyone a chance to win a complimentary bottle of their Raise Stain Remover.  Rules: open to USA only, 18 yrs older, must PM me on facebook to win, first to reply wins, as this is a product that I am not recommending, I'm letting you choose if you want it or not.

My Rating: thumbs down for not working

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