Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Made it to 8

Happy Anniversary to myself and my husband for making it to 8 years, still deeply in love, and probably more in love now than when we got married.

Do you remember your wedding day?  Who was there?  Was someone missing?  Did you know what you were doing with your wedding planning?  Was it fun?  Was it scary?  Was it stressful?  Did something happen you wish didn't?  Was it perfect like you wished it would always be?

My wedding: I got married at the start of spring break, it was a Saturday with friends and family.  I had a lot of amazing things happen.  I got to eat breakfast with my family, and yes on my wedding day I had some ice cream for part of my breakfast.  I got to see my Grandma on my Mom's side for the very last time at my wedding before she passed away.  I had my friends help me take care of last minute wedding stuff staying up until 2 or 3 am helping me.  I had found a great dress, that was on sale and didn't break my poor student piggy bank.  I got to go to Florida's beaches for my honeymoon because my new Father-In-Law paid for our trip.

 My wedding: also had some things happen that weren't so great: my cake wasn't what I wanted, my parents were so busy and stressed out we didn't get to have those cool family pictures like we wanted.  I didn't get to sit at the table we had set up for us: the Bride and Groom, our basket of night food vanished so we were pretty hungry during the night.

But you know what, a marriage is more than your wedding day and night.  We've been married for 8 years now.  Its had its ups, and downs.  We've had small fights, large mis-communications, and heated words.  We've moved 18 times, owned 17 cars, we've tried to buy a house 7 different times but they just didn't work out and we're still together.  So here's to us keep going!  We were married in the Raleigh North Carolina LDS Temple, married for time and all eternity, and we're going to make it, so here's to you joining me today in celebrating our blessings from the Lord as we stay strong together.

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