Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home Schooling on the Go

So everyone knows that homeschooling is tough, its great for those who chose to do it, but most importantly its very flexible.  Our family travels a lot, I mean A LOT.  We get the opportunity to do so, and since we home school our children we're able to keep up with their schooling while we travel.  I've been focusing mostly on my first grader, but my preschooler has been begging for schooling and wanting to be just like his older brother.

After looking for a while now, I finally found what I was looking for for him.  I'm super excited.  I found white erase boards that are hand held, spiral bound, and also perfect schooling on the go.  I found them all at Target.  Some were in the $1 bins, some in the $3 bin, and the Spelling book was in the art section for $5.  Have a look:
My Spoils

ABCs, Number, Math doodle pads $1 each

Rhyming Game $3

Learn to spell 3 letter words $5

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