Friday, March 7, 2014

Disney Side Party

 As you know I was chosen to host a Disney Side Party, and well, my party is over and done with, and now I get to show you all the fun we had!  We held our party on Friday February 28th.  It was a Disney Pizza party.  We had everyone bring a side to share, and provided everything else.

 Here is our food: we went with Little Cesar's Hot n Ready pizza, with salad, and cantaloupe as sides.  We had Mickey Mouse shaped jello jigglers, water, rice crispys and gluten free cookies as well as sides.

We started with the decorations that we were given.

I bought Disney themed coloring books for the younger kids to color during the night as activities between games and food.  For the older kids they got the T-shirts to color, as well as printed Disney themed coloring pages which they could color for prizes.  Our big game for the night was Bingo, which bingo game was provided by Disney sponsors.  We went all out with Bingo prizes, which made it super fun for all who came, and everyone walked away with a prize!
 Below are our Bingo prizes.  We filled a whole big folding table full of cool prizes!

Here are pictures of my kids playing Disney Side bingo, and then holding his prize.  He carried this prize basket around for a whole week just loving what he got: which was cooking supplies.  We'll be turning them into play dough toys.

 After all the games and everything was over, we brought out yummy dessert: Micky Mouse cupcakes, and mini ice creams in bowls.  This was a really fun night!
To say thank you to every family, adult for coming and bringing their kids to our fun Disney Pizza party, we gave them fun little packets of more goodies we were given by our Disney Sponsors.
Vintage Minnie and Mickey posters, photo printer paper, Disney Run stickers, and bracelets, and a 2014 calendar for the new Muppet's movie.  

We want to thank all those who helped us bring fun, and laughter, and joy to the lives of those families who came and celebrated their Disney side with us.  

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