Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home School Supplies 4

So we've recently moved into a new apartment for my family.  I now have a little corner that's all mine for teaching our kids for school time.  Its still being set up, because I'm having to change a bunch of things on how I used to teach our kids.  But these new changes are actually more fun, better organization for myself as the teacher, more interaction with each child, better quality of lessons, and I'm actually learning lesson planning skills now.

I just found out that because I'm a teacher, even though I'm a home school teacher, I get 5% cash back whenever I use my Staples MVP card!  Way cool, so my recent trip to up date our home school supplies was very successful!

This was on sale for $10 a magnetic wipe clean chore chart!

$1 I get to bling my own stapler, but probably won't,
 I'll use the zing for my nails for Easter

$10 Lizard tape dispenser, changes color when you touch it
I'm actually returning this because I couldn't get the tape out of the lizard's mouth

$4 More site words, can't have enough

$1 each foam puzzles of different human body systems for health class

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