Thursday, March 13, 2014

50th Birthday Party Supplies

Details: Birthday in a Box Online company who specializes in balloons and supplies for birthdays, holidays, special events, and more.  Great prices, huge selection of products, and good customer service here for your pleasure and party planning.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product in exchange for testing, trying and reviewing honestly their product.

My Review:  Working with this company is fun, but when given this topic I was a little disappointed.  They told me to choose 1 item worth up to $35 from one of their 30, 40, or 50th birthday party supply websites.  So looking at each selection there was no item over $15 average pricing.   Having to choose 1 item worth way less than the dollar amount this company gave me, was really frustrating.  I could have chosen 3 items or more worth a total of $35 and given them way more reviews than on just one item worth $5-$10.  But since its their rules, I had to do just that, and only choose one item worth very little.  But I chose one of the most fun items for a birthday party: 50th shaped pinata.  Now, no one was turning 50, but then  no one in our family was turning 40 or 30 either.  So we chose the most fun shaped pinata to review.  We filled it really full, which was challenging at first.  The whole shape is hollow, so when you pour the candy in from the top, it is poured in at a sideways angle, so you have to tip and shake the pinata to fill the rest of each number.  It holds a LOT of candy.  I would pour in a whole bag and find it still very empty, so I bought some metallic tinsel and would put handfuls of that in with the candy to help make it harder and more fun and exciting for the kids who would be beating this thing.

The pinata was a huge success at our little party we held in its honor just to use it.  We had about 10 kids, all the little kids got 5-10 direct hits with my 7 year old's metal base ball bat.  Of course this is so well made that even after 5 kids hitting it directly nothing came out.  So I used a pair of scissors and cut little openings, and made about 10 different weak spots on the pinata, then let the older kids each get 2 hits with the metal base ball bat.  That did the trick for the initial set of candy busting out of the pinata.  But I still had to rip open a hole and dump the candy out so no one got hurt running for the rest of the candy.  The kids didn't care that I didn't get more products to review, they just had a ton of fun, and loved that I was able to invite their close friends over for a pinata beating night.  It was a huge success!

Pros: well built, fun bright colors, great customer service in getting the product to ship quickly, loved it

Cons: well built so I had to make it weak, and still ended up ripping it to spill the candy

My Rating: Thumbs up and down: Thumbs up for the kids loving the pinata, and how fun and what a great product it is, thumbs down for being disappointed with this review and not getting the full price value they offered me.

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