Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Christmas Quilt Book Review

Details:  The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini is part of the Elm Creek Quilt novels.  Christmas time is a time of family, friends, and traditions.  But at Elm Creek it also means secrets, unresolved anger, and an UFO.  So how can a fairly newly wed couple help get rid of the " Hum Bug" in Elm Creek's owner when it concerns Christmas while trying to keep a promise made long ago.  Jennifer spins amazing stories of love, hurt, betrayal, forgiveness, family, and everything between those layers in this fun novel.  Perfect for Christmas time, but also for anytime you want to curl up with a good book.

My Reviews:  I love the Elm Creek Quilt novels.  8 years ago, I found them at my local library and read every single one that I could during my nursing and breast pumping time as a new mother.  It was the perfect thing to help me get through those times.  I love each story Jennifer has written, and truly enjoy her style, humor, and wisdom as she spins characters into realistic living characters.  The Christmas quilt is one of her best written novels as we learn more about Sylvia's past, her family, the traditions and sacrifice that was done to make Elm Creek what it is today.  2 years ago I was able to be reconnected with the Elm Creek Quilt novels when our local library started selling their used books to the public.  I was able to pick up only 3 Elm Creek Quilt novels, but now that I have 3 I want to own the other 7.  What I love about Jennifer's writing style is that each book can be read on it's own without you missing anything, but when you read them in their order, its truly a lovely story, broken up into 10 different novels.

Pros: amazingly well written, love the history, love the ease of reading, love the characters,

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP  

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