Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home School Interaction part 2

So for this year's school season, we are really going into Interaction for my kids.  They love school now, so its time to show you what I'm doing to make school more fun this year.  
 Fishing for 100 Days: Last year we tried to focus on having a 100th day of School party, but due to our cercumstance and situation of being on the go since we were living with family in their home, I forgot to keep track.  So this year I'm making it up to them.  Especially since now both kids are in "real" school grades.  Here's our super fun chart, that cost me 50 cents.  Its great!  We use our neon wipe off markers to mark the days we do school.  The kids get 2 options with this.  Have me fill in each school day with the color they choose or have them each take turns coloring the fish in each day.
Last year my children really struggled with "counting their blessings" being grateful for anything, especially really understanding why being grateful and saying Thank you is so important.  So I created a Gratitude Tree last year, that was bigger than this one, but due to space on our walls I had to re-paint a new Gratitude Tree for this year and start over.  But the kids like seeing their Gratitude Tree during our whole school day, so its a great swap.

For my Second Grader, he really wants to know what his schedule is, what subjects he will be doing each day, and how long each subject will last.  So I bought him a Job Chart for school.  I have a list of every subject we'll cover this semester.  Than I color in the subjects we'll do each day.  Then as we complete a subject my Second Grader gets to erase that subject for that day.  So far he's loving it...we haven't kept every subject exactly yet, but its working better than not having something for him to keep track with.

My Kindergartener was getting jealous that his older Brother was having a "School Chart" so it was time to get him his own too.  This one is scaled down for his age, and a little more fun to look at.  So there's an apple for each day, and on each day I will do one of two options.
1. Write all subjects out in the same colored wipe off marker ink,
2. Write each subject out in a different colored wipe off marker ink.

Then he too, gets to erase the subject he has completed.  This is really helping this little guy because he has a short addention span, can't hold still worth beans unless its REALLY FUN for him, or complains that school takes SOOOOOOO long.  So now he knows just how long school will be, and how much smarter he will get each time he finishes a school subject.

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