Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Rather Remarkable Homecoming book review

Details:  C.A. Belmond author of A Rather Remarkable Homecoming has written 3 other novels in the Rather collection.  C. A. Belmond's "Rather" novels feature the one and only Penny Nichols the American Heiress, and Jeremy Laidley the English hero, as they embark on yet another fantastic journey with a new case that comes directly from English Royalty itself.  Learn just exactly what "For love of King and Country" really means to those who dwell in England and its outskirt-ting provences.  As well as just how fun it really is "to Grandmother's house we go" when Penny and Jeremy are reunited with Penny's Grandmother's historic home by the sea.  Will they be able to out smart gunsmen, gangsters, local myths, and pranks as well as some very scary kidnappers?  Or will they turn tail and run from some very "bad" guys who are buying off everyone who could help Penny and Jeremy solve their case.

My Review:  I recently bought this book at the Dollar Tree during one of our trips to Florida.  I had a lot of time on my hands this trip, and wanted something to read.  I was intrigued the minute I read the title.  What further intrigued me is that its about Penny Nicholas all grown up and married.  I used to read her novels when I was a child because she was just as fun as Nancy Drew.  This novel was a really easy read, only took me a day or so to read.  I was captured the whole time though, wondering what would happen next, how they would out smart the bay guys, if their Great Aunt would save her son, or if their large inheritance would be stolen or not before they could figure out the mystery behind Penny's Grandmother's old home.  Very fun!  This novel was read without knowing there were previous novels that brought the rest of the story together.  When I find novel series that can entertain without me needing to read the previous stories I really enjoy those novels even better!  This is a keeper, and I am already in pursuit of finding the previous novels so I can finish the series.

Pros: fun, easy read, fast read, great read by itself without needing the previous novels in the series

Cons: none

My Rating:  Thumbs Up

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