Thursday, September 11, 2014

Infusion Water Pitcher

Details: Infusion Water Pitcher from Kitchen Frontier.  This product can be purchased from Amazon via the link provided.  This fruit infusion pitcher is shatter proof, an acrylic pitcher, BPA free, easy to use and clean, helps make drinking water healthier and safer.  Keeps fruit infused water clean and fresh without the floating pieces of fruit.  This is protected with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.Benefits include helping assist with weight loss and detoxing, staying well hydrated to boost metabolism, flush toxins and provide nutrients from naturally infused ingredients, can be filled with fruits, citrus, and herbs.  Directions: when using the infuser core here are some suggestions: cut citrus fruits into wedges that can easily fit into the core, berries can go in whole, except large berries like strawberrys and some black berries.  Fill core with a pattern of fruits, citrus and herbs so it will taste good and look nice.  Hand wash pitcher and parts.  Its best if this pitcher is infused over night for best taste and potentcy. Pitcher is a 93 oz capacity with dimensions of 7.5" x 6" x 10.25".

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product in exchange for honest non biased reviews on my blog and on amazon.  I only recommend products that I actually test, try, review and deem worthy.

My Review:  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!  Seriously, that sentence says it all about how amazing this product is.  I have Amazon prime so I got the pitcher really quickly.  It took a little bit of time to get some good recipes and the fruit needed for those recipes.  But once I got it I was able to use this really easily.  I put my infuser recipe together at night, so that it would be ready come morning.  I've been drinking it for 3 days now and love it.  The water is super duper cold, so if you have sensitive teeth drink through a straw (at least that's the advice I got from my Dentist).  The water tastes really good.  Some fruits/ citrus are more strong than others, so be mindful of what you use and how much you use.  And just in those 3 days of using this product my skin has broken out, which means the detoxing is actually working (because I'm eating clean and can feel a difference).  This works and is amazing!

My Recipe: grape fruit, black berries, strawberries, cucumber, lemon. This is a detox recipe which I found on pinterest.  The grape fruit after day 2 is super strong.  The cucumber was really strong day 1, but not any more.  I have used the fruit for 3 days now.  I am not sure how long fruit usually lasts, but so far its very fresh and potent still.  So I'm going to test it and see just how long fruit will last in the infuser pitcher.  

Pros: works great, easy to use, fruit stays fresh for a long time

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP!!!!

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