Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Magnetic Toys for Children

Details: Magnetix explore your creativity with magnets, rods and marbles.  Comes with 42 pieces, 12 balls, 30 rods.

My Review:  My kids love magnets on our fridge, love magnetic puzzles, games, and toys.  We have a huge collection of magnetic "rocks" from a science museum that our children get to play with for school time.  But they wanted something more fun and creative.  We were given a set of Magnetix which the boys fell in love it.  Basically its a set of toys where you have plastic rods with magnets in both ends of the rods, and you have metal marble sized balls.  You can build anything with these rods and balls.  Some rods are longer and others shorter, you can find them in various colors.  But this one set didn't have enough rods or balls for my children to be really creative.  So I was lucky enough to find a set of 42 pieces for $4 on Ebay with free shipping.  TOTALLY amazing right?  That's what I thought.  So I bought 6 packs.  I should have bought more, but we now have roughly 300 pieces of these Magnetix toys and its a great start to the collection our kids can play with.  We use these toys for our home schooling, for their play time, when their bored, and as a family.  This is really a great toy, and I'm very excited to have a good starter collection of them for my children.

Pros: fun for the whole family, great for home schooling, science classes, child friendly,

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP

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