Friday, June 13, 2014

Nail Cones and Manicures

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: Nail Cones is a deliciously easy way to apply nail polish.  An easy way to protect your skin when painting your nails.  A great way to get the perfect manicure and pedicure every time!  Directions for use: wash and dry hands, apply nail cones tightly under nail, polish nails and allow time for drying, remove nail cone slowly.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  I am a professional nail artist for 8 years, but have been painting nails for over 17 years now.  Over the years I have found that the thing that frustrates me the most is when I'm painting nails some polish doesn't come off easily from your skin around your nails so it makes the manicure or pedicure look bad.  I've used coconut oil, Elmer's glue, nail lotion, and other such tricks and tips to figure out a way to keep polish from getting on the skin around the nails I paint.  So when I saw these stickers, these Nail Cones I was super excited to see that someone was cleaver enough to come up with a permanent solution to this issue and win my business for life.  When I tried these Nail Cones, my sheet was 3 columns with 5 cones per column so 15 nail cones total.  I pulled the first nail
cone off and tried to apply it under my pointer finger nail, but because my nail was so short it didn't stay very well.  So then I pulled the cone next to it off.  As I tried to apply that to my middle finger nail I found that the cut out hole was WAY too big for that finger nail.  So I tried it with all my finger nails: still way too big.  I tried it on my toenails, even on my big toe it was too wide a hole so nail polish would get on my skin around my nail instead of being protected.

Just for this review test, did I manage to get 4 Nail Cones to fit somewhat on my finger nails.  The nail cones that actually fit my nails are on my pointer finger, my middle finger and my ring finger, my pinky finger nail cone was too big even though it was one of the smaller nail cones, and I was unsuccessful at getting a nail cone to fit to my thumb nail.

As I looked closer at the rest of the sheet of nail cones I noticed I only had 3 nail cones that were small enough to use on my finger nails, the rest were WAY too big to use on any of my finger nails and on any of my toe nails.  Needless to say I'm very disappointed that these Nail Cones didn't work the way I was hoping.  However, I honestly feel like it would be an easy fix.  See the Nail Cones are really two stickers, one big that is supposed to fit to your nail and finger, the other that is just wasted sticker.  The wasted sticker part is a circle, so the Nail Cone is a rounded hole.  I feel like if the Nail Cone was more oblong or squared it would fit so much better to finger nails and toe nails in general.  As of right now, I cannot recommend this product.

Pros: cool design, ingenious invention, love the theme

Cons: doesn't work, too big, and wrong fit

My Rating: Thumbs Down

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