Saturday, June 28, 2014

Are your Nails healthy?

I have recently been thinking about health of mind, body, and the different parts of your body like dental health, vision health, organ health, skin health, brain health etc.  As a blogger who does lots of product reviews, lately I've been asked to review lots of vitamins, minerals, and other natural dietary supplements key to keeping your body healthy.  When we are in tune with our body, we know what different types of pain mean, we know what symptoms to remember when something isn't flowing well, our bowel movements aren't normal or we are craving something not in our diet.  As I have been learning to listen to my body, with every creak, pop, jab of pain or growl I am learning something new about my body and how it tells me I'm doing good, or that I'm not doing good health wise.

When I don't feed my kids enough vegetables they get a yellowish tint around their mouths.  When I don't eat enough greens my hormones are fluctuating like crazy.  But I have never once thought about noticing my nails and how they change to let me know they're healthy or not.   I have always had thin weak nails that chip, break, tear and sometimes peal off in layers, this has been going on my whole life.  But just recently I have learned that not all of that is normal, and its not really good...not SUPER bad, but there are things I can do to help my body to be healthier by listening or rather following the health of my nails.  So my question to you is, do you know if your nails are healthy or not?

Below I have listed a few links of articles that I have found, very helpful to me in helping me learn more about nail health and how it keeps us more in tune with our total body health.

1. Top 10 things Your Nails say about your Health from How Stuff Works, 10 detailed and real tips or suggestions on how to measure your body's health by following or watching for bad signs from your nails.

2. 5 Home Remedies to prevent nail Problems from How Stuff Works, 5 treatments you can do from your home to help keep your nails healthy and prevent dangerous or harmful issues to your nail health.

3. 5 Things not to do before going to the Salon from How Stuff Works, Learn how to keep your nails, your skin, and even your legs from being contaminated at a Nail Salon.

4. 3 Reasons your nails are naturally Dark from How Stuff Works, nails that change color isn't healthy, learn how to treat and prevent this from happening to you.

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