Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Schooling with Foam

Lately I've been so focused on teaching my kids what they need to know, focusing on their subjects and getting through the school day that I haven't been making school very fun.  We are about a month behind on our school due to all the missed days through the school year so we have to school through the summer, which will actually be good so that my kids don't forget anything, and so that they aren't as bored this summer as well.

So I've decided that for the next 35 school days I am going to make school more fun!  Today we did something that made reading, writing, spelling, shape recognition, and following directions more fun for both my preschooler and first grader.

At the Dollar Tree I found these packs of sticky foam (similar to play dough, just a different texture) in a bunch of different colors.  I let each child pick up a color and bring it home.  Some of the foam packs we've used are super sticky and some are not as sticky.  So just be aware your children might complain if its super sticky because the little foam balls will stick all over their skin.  But letting the foam air out helps it not be so sticky.

 My Preschooler loves to be surprised with what we do every day for school, so making daily activities and exercises more fun helps keep that surprise element and helps me be a better teacher.

Using foam to make letters

making shape outlines

making solid shapes

making numbers

3D shapes

following lines or directions

My First Grader has struggled with reading and spelling this year and last year as well.  But doing fun activities like this, he really enjoys learning to do his school work instead of fighting it.  For this happy smile I'll work harder at making school more fun!
uses foam to spell words

using rhyming flash cars

using a white board and a plastic sheet cover

we use lower case

letters with the foam

and upper case

letters with the foam

like this

or like this

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