Monday, June 23, 2014

Cow Appreciation Day 2014

Chic-Fil-A does a yearly event called cow Apprication Day.  This year its on July 11th so I thought that since I have plenty of time I would post some cool, fun, cute ideas on how you can easily celebrate with the whole family.  Enjoy!
My kids from 2013
Go to Chic Fil A dressed like a cow and you get free food!  Make it a family event, or a school event, field trip, besties or Mommy Group!

Don't know how to make a cow costume?  Want to do better than the last minute construction paper costume you see my kids in above?  Here is a great tutorial on how to make a cow costume (yes there is time!)

Want to do more than just get free chicken?  Want to pull out all the stops and create a whole party around this day?  Want to get creative and show off your next "nailed it" stunt on Instagram or Facebook?  And no its not a Cow Pie.  Here's an idea:

Okay so school is out for all those who are in Traditional schools, but how can you in year round schools helps celebrate Cow Appreciation Day?  How about cow themed school printables, activities and a field trip to Chic fil A?

How about if we throw in cow entertainment?  Songs: Old McDonald, Exercising: Cow Tipping, Movies: Jonny Lingo.  Haven't heard about it?  Its a great motivational movie that helps men learn to respect women, and women learn their self worth.  Are you an 8 Cow woman?  Want to throw an 8 Cow party here are some great tips and tricks.

Cow Extras for your laughs:

Cow toilet paper and a cow cell phone case!  You could totally TP your yard or neighbor's tree, and your Husband's car.

Cow up your cell phone with this awesome case!

Cow  phrases:
Thank Moo
We've Moo'ved
How have moo been?
Thinking of moo
What's MOO
You're MOOvelous!
What's moo with you?
Moovin' with the Lord.
Cow are you? 
Cow you've been?
You're moosic to my ears
'herd' the 'moos'
moo-chas gracias
have a udderly wonderful birthday 
an Udder Year Older
udderly exhausted 
Our Moo Address 
I Love You Dairy Much
I'll Never Love An-Udder
Friends For-Heifer
Be Mine For-Heifer
Somebody Brand Moo
Udderly Cool
I'm head over hooves for you!
~ Dairy Queen
~ Got Milk?
~ Lil' Cowpoke
~ Love One an Udder
~ Milk Does a Body Good
~ Milkin' It for All It's Worth
~ MOOre Milk Please
~ Nature's Lawn-mooer
~ Udderly Adorable
~ Udderly Delicious

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