Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hyper Dash Game for Kids

Details: Wild Planet's Hyper Dash game is for children 6 and up, 1-8 players.  It is the target tagging race course game.  Parent Magazine Mom Tested a ward.  Comes with 5 numbered and colored targets, and the Hyper Dash unit.  Trick commands mix up the action.  On the Hyper Dash unit you have 3 buttons: menu, power, go.  This is a lightning fast challenge of speed, accuracy and agility.   Directions: set up a course, race against time, tag the targets, dash for the best time, indoors or outdoors, solo or head to head or in teams.  Requires 3 AA batteries not included.

My Review: We just bought this for the kids to be a Grandma's house game.  She has a great yard and indoor space for them to play this.  After opening up the box and reading the instructions (which we didn't need to read everything) on which game options there were, what team options there were, and went to town.  We had everyone play solo first just to get the hang of what this game wants up to do.  For setting up the course we just put the targets in a long line in the correct numerical order.  Then we played, we went with level one (which you wouldn't know about until listening to the Hyper Dash tell you), since it was our first time playing, and we were letting my 4 year old play along.  It was pretty fun, and challenging at the same time.  We had to run or lean depending on whether it was an adult or child playing, to get each target the Hyper Dash would call out.  The tricky commands did mess us up a bit, but after we figured out what they all meant we were able to do much better.  Right now my 4 year old is challenged by level one, my 7 year old is challenged by level 2.  And as adults we're having fun just playing and watching the kids.

Things we've learned by playing you wouldn't have known otherwise:  Read the trick command codes before playing.  The Hyper Dash doesn't need to be slammed over each target, but rather it just needs to fit and then the top just slightly clicks down over the target to tag the target.  My 4 year old was slamming it down and missing because the Hyper Dash wasn't tagging his targets, Mam Ma was tagging slowly but not getting the handle to click down.  So after teaching them at trick it helped them play better.  Even though there is a power button it doesn't turn the voice off, it just  turns off by itself after a period of not being used.

Pros: this is a really fun family time game, my 4 year old can play, not annoyingly loud, creates movement or exercise, indoor and outdoor game

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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