Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Hummingbird Wings Book Review

Details: Lauraine Snelling is a national best selling author.  Her book On Hummingbird Wings about a successful older sister who lives in New York.  Her younger sister has always been Mother's favorite, because she stayed close to home, got married, and gave their Mother grandchildren.  But when a phone call that comes in from the younger sister about Mother, dying the older sister who's heard this many times before wonders why or if it really could be real this time.  As the older sister comes home to California she finds her Mother's beloved yard, garden and flowers wilted, brown and dead.  This just might be the sign she was looking for with her Mother really dying or not.  Can determination, brand new friends and loving warmth bring back the dead plant life and raise her Mother from her death bed or has it gone on too long?  Can a New Yorker make it work for herself here in sunny happy rural California?  Will the handsome neighbor really be a nice guy?  Can family be so important that is changes life priorities enough to bring unknown happiness into someones life?  Lauraine Snelling tackles all these questions in a wonderful novel.

My Review: I bought this book at the Dollar Tree while on vacation.  I wanted something fun, light, and entertaining to read.  This was the perfect fit for what I wanted.  The book started well, then got a little slow, then was a page turner to the end.  It was nice that it was written in this way, because it allowed me to enjoy my book, put it down when I needed to, and not obsess over the characters and their lives.  It was really nice not to live in a book while reading it, but to just read and enjoy it.  I highly suggest this book to whomever loves to read.

Pros: excellent, enjoyable, lovely

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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