Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jr. Police Officer Costume for Kids

Details:  This is the Boy's Police Costumes for kids.  Costume Discounter has a large selection of costumes for infants, children, teens, and Adults. Their costumes are available online.  Its great to have costumes kids and even adults can dress up in, playing games in,  such as playing Cops and Robbers.  Size Large, fitting sizes 8-10.  Best Quality Seal!  Included in this costume is: cap, duty belt, handcuffs, phone, baton, whistle, badge, and wallet picture, This costume is made of light fabric sewn into a one piece top and pants suit.  Even though the suit material is light weight it is surprisingly strong and sturdy.  The belt is separate and made of a fabricated soft plastic/leather material.  The hat is very sturdy in structure so it will keep its very unique Cop hat design.  The accessories are all made from plastic.

My Review: As my children have grown up I'm finding it necessary to order costumes that will fit my 7 year old mostly and then just roll up the sleeves and pants for my 4 year old.  As one of my kid's last school field trips before summer break they got to visit a Police Department, speak with the Officer on Duty about DARE, his brand new vehicle (he could talk to his vehicle), meet a K9 unit, and see the jail, and evidence rooms.  Since then they have really had fun playing games with bad guys, and Cops.  So when I was given the opportunity to review a Police Officer costume I was thrilled.  My children picked out the costume based off these points of interest: 1. How real did it look?, 2. How many accessories did it have?, 3. Did it have hand cuffs ( a total must have)?, 4. Could they agree on the costume to share it once we got it?

4 year old
This costume met all their requirements, and they have surprisingly been able to share this without issues.  I have been impressed with the quality, I didn't think the fabric would hold up with such rambunctious boys, but it has.  The baton and the hand cuffs are the only accessories that have broken so far.  And even though I knew by how cheap the plastic was on the hand cuffs that they would break, I was surprised at how quickly the baton broke.  We do plan on replacing the broken hand cuffs with the metal play ones you can buy from Walmart.  My 4 year old has commandeered the phone, and my 7 year old considers this costume a part of his weekly dress and attire.  So in other words this costume was a big hit with my children and because its so big they'll both be able to grow into it at least for the time being.

7 year old

Pros: AMAZING, well priced, quality fabric, fun to use, life like

Cons: cheap accessories (but to be expected) plan on buying others if your children really want them

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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