Monday, July 14, 2014

Manicure Monday: Color Block with pens

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back from vacation now, it was a really nice break.  Much needed as we haven't had a vacation since 2008, and with all the stress from multiple moves, school changes for our children, and our plates constantly being balanced and changed and my husband's job changing multiple times as well, we needed to leave everything behind and just enjoy ourselves and our little family.  I will be taking this whole week to get back up on track of everything so once again please be patient.

On a side note, since today is Monday, I was able to sneak in a manicure while on vacation, so here it is! I will go a head and apologize for it being sloppy, but like I said I sneaked it into our vacation, so it was literally like apply, then take off before people notice the smell of polish and see me missing.
~Enjoy Nails With Zing

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