Friday, July 25, 2014

My Growing Up Chart

Details: The Victoria Chart Company's "My Growing Up Chart" is a reward chart for children from 4 years of age and up.  Their motto is to "Encourage and praise for positive child development".  Perfect for children of elementary school aged children.  Their charts have customization, a complete reward program/ kit, and reusable.  They even have a matching app for iphone/ apple tech products.  Charts come with plastic reusable stickers with pictures, and even some that you can write on to customize it for your child's need, a wipe of pen, numbered stickers 1-20, gold star stickers that say "Good Job", an 8 row laminated chart, kit tips, and tricks for how to have this chart work best for you, your family and child, and of course the chart itself which is 11"x 25".  The Victoria Chart Company has all kinds of charts: bedtime, homework, behavioral, potty training, etc.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  I love chore charts, job charts, reward charts.  It's great to give the child a sense of responsibility in a form they love.  It's also wonderful for them to visually see how well they are doing.  This visual praise is a real confidence booster.  As a Mom to children who are in Elementary school, I find visual charts that children get to see, touch, and interact with help keep the school environment calm, organized, and positive.  As a Mom, my children beg to help out around the house, beg to earn
allowance, and want to generally help Mommy.  But I personally find it hard to remember to give them something to help out with, or forget to give them their allowance, and then end up forgetting how much they earned etc.  So these charts help me stay organized, and on track as well because its something my kids want to use and love to use so then I see it as much as they do.  As a Home school teacher, my children don't normally have home work, but sometimes we take a really long time getting through our school day because the kids aren't having a happy day, or I'm not having a happy day, so having a chart that I can use to help us be happy and have fun while working on our school work helps keep our home peaceful, happy, and positive.  Over all, I'm very pleased with this chart, and happy to have had this opportunity to test, try and review it.  I recommend this product, because it is reusable, the stickers are easy to move around versus tiny little magnets on charts that I've had in the past.  And most of all I love that my 4 year old can use this and know what it is and how to use it without knowing how to read!

Pros: easy for kids to use, fun for kids to use, easy for parents/ teachers to help with, reusable, wipe clean charts

Cons: none

My Rating:  Thumbs Up

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