Monday, July 28, 2014

Manicure Monday: Nail Polish Brand: Milani

I love nail polish! I love having beautiful, creative, fun nail designs on my toenails and finger nails.  I love when nail polish brands come out with more fun, creative, helpful ways to use their polishes.  One such company is Milani.  I have some of their glitter polishes, that are just so beautiful, because their glitter is bright, brilliant, and rich in colour.  I have one of their beautiful yellow polishes, and then I found some awesome new Milani polishes, they have skinny long detail brushes.
Milani Glitters

Milani 101: Lemongello
Milani: 709: Green Sketch, 708: Yellow Design
Now that I have found these new designing brushed Milani polishes, the next thing to do is to use them.  So enjoy the following technique, its a hand painting, learning to control long bristled brushes, as well as learning to control skinny brushes with nail polish on them.
Polishes used

First layer of colored polish: brown is a great accent to the 

lines, painting straight lines is hard, especially with long skinny brushes
once you master this technique you can expand your talents.
So I did straight lines on the smaller toenails, and a curved line on the big toenail.

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