Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nail Art Design Tips from Pros

After a lot of research I found some great articles that will help us amateurs learn how to have professional looking manicures and pedicures.  And if that seems to daunting of a task learn how to make your Nail Salon experience the best and safest it can be.  Even though I've been painting nails for more than 17 years, I actually learned some new tips and tricks to make my nail artist experience better for myself and my clients.  Enjoy! ~Nails with Zing

1.  5 Different Nail Shapes for your next Salon Visit, from How Stuff Works: learn about the top 5 trending nail shapes.

2. 5 Nail tools you should know About: from How Stuff Works: which file, what pens, buffing or not? and other cool tool tips for nail health.

3. 5 Home Treatments to keep your nails Healthy, from How Stuff works: learn about why moisturizers are so important to nail health and other wonderful tips.

4. 10 Steps to do your own Pedicure, from How Stuff Works: from limited time to all the time in the world, what's important when you do your pedicure at home.

5. 10 Steps to do your own Manicure, from How Stuff Works: nail buffing and base coat polishes? Learn what's most important with manicures.

6. 5 Steps for the perfect at home Pedicure, from How Stuff Works: how often do you do a full Pedicure at home?  Want to learn how to do it easier?

7. DIY Nail designs from tools found around your House, from BeautiyLish: what can you easily use from around your house that will help you be more creative?

8. How many coats of polish are necessary?, from How Stuff Works: 1 or 2 or more, learn what it is here.

9. 10 Top creative Nail art design Trends, from How Stuff Works: Learn about glitter, ombre, crackle, nail jewelry and more Nail Art Design Trends.

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