Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transformers Beast Hunter Toy

Details: Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Toy for children ages 5 and up.  Hyena Cannon transformer toy. Deluxe Class series 2.014 Vertabreak Predicon.  The powerful Vertabreak wants nothing more than to smash the Autobots and everyone who is with them.  With his Hyena Cannon and launching missile toy he is a fierce enemy to Bumble Bee, Prime and the rest of the good guys the Autobots.  Plastic toy with moving parts, small attaching pieces, transforming ability with included instructions.  
My Review:  We bought this for my 4 year old son who loves everything Transformers, moving changing parts on action figures etc.  He picked it out, and even though he's a year younger than the suggested age, he does really well with transforming this toy.  We tried to help him with the instructions, but he figured it out before we as the adults/ his parents did.  The transformer has 3 different head options, 3 different hand options, the Hyena cannon can be removed and "fly" on it own, or it can be attached to the transformer itself for firing the toy dart.  We thought that this toy would be broken by the 3rd day that he's had it, but no, its better quality than we expected.  Price runs around $10 depending on where you get it.  

Pros: fun for children 4-8, easy for them to play with, quality plastic pieces

Cons: small pieces will get lost quickly

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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