Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sleeping Aid Drink Shot

Details: Dream Water is a 0 calorie, drug free, supplement made to help you sleep better, sounder, and wake refreshed and ready for your day.  Its much like an energy shot, but for sleeping.  Flavored Snoozeberry. Bought at Target for under $3.  1 bottle is one serving, discard after 5 days being open.

My Review:  I have trouble sleeping at night, its a known fact by my family.  See: I'm a wife to a husband who snores like crazy because of allergies and being over weight.  I'm a mom to young children who often have nightmares, fall out of bed, need some Mommy cuddle time during the middle of the night when they're cold, or sad, or wet the bed.  I am a light sleeper, and every little noise or dog bark I hear and wake up for.  We sleep with a fan on right by my side of the bed to help me sleep better, but it doesn't always drown out extra noises.  So during a trip where I would need every ounce of sleep I could get at night, I decided to find something to try and help me fall asleep.  This is what I found.  It seemed to work pretty well too.  I took it 3 nights in a row, but only drinking a 1/3 of the bottle each night.  I didn't want to end up in a grumpy because I have medicine in my body type of Mommy mood in the morning so I didn't actually drink the whole bottle at once.  It says to drink 30 minutes before wanting to go to bed.  It works within those 30 minutes.  If I could find this in bulk I would keep taking it because even just drinking 1/3 each night I felt a difference that worked great! The taste wasn't so bad either, but I chilled it in the fridge before drinking it.  

Pros: works great even just drinking 1/3 a night instead of the whole bottle like suggested.

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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  1. For your husbands snoring, try Bioterra Herbs, the Shush for snoring. It really works. For yourself, you also might want to try a mixture of apple cider vinegar with the "mother", and honey. I personally use 2 Tbs ACV, 1 cup warm water, and honey to taste. Works like a charm to help me sleep.