Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Captain America Triple Blast Shield Toy

Details: Marvel Comies presents Captain America Shield Toy with Triple Dart Attack action, 10 included attack darts, stealth mode, quick flip to change modes, attack mode, Avenger's child toy, Sells for around $13.

My Review: My 7 year old got this toy for his birthday last week and it is a highly coveted toy between friends and siblings.  Its fun that it comes with darts that shoot, you can choose to shoot single or 3 at a time using the Triple Blast action mode.  Caution: Advised from experience not to shoot darts at people it HURTS.

Pros: fun for kids, great design, easy to use, quality workmanship on the toy

Cons: the darts are easily lost, darts hurt when shot at people

My Rating: Thumbs Up
Triple Blast Action Mode

Movable handle to hold shield and shoot darts

This toy is for "serious" players only :) 

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