Friday, February 14, 2014

Juppy Baby Walker

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: The Juppy "Momentum" is an alternative method for helping babies learn to walk.  Baby walkers with wheels are very popular, but so dangerous, so giving parents a solution to a very challenging problem has been the reason Juppy has been created.  The Juppy is for babies who are strong enough to start walking but can't walk alone.  It builds confidence, creates a safer environment, and provides parents with good posture straps so they can stand up right when using.  This is able to be used by people 4' 11" to 6' 11" with the adjustable velcro straps.

What you get with a Juppy: comes in 3 colors: black and yellow, black and blue, black and pink.  Easy adjustable straps to accomodate your height, soft hand grips, color matching zipper on the back of the Juppy, purse carrying bag.  Parent Assisted baby walker! Fits babies 35 lbs or under, 100% cotton material that can be washed by machine.  Folds up so you can carry it in diaper bag or purse.

Where you can find The Juppy: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and their Blog.  You can purchase from their website as well.

Disclosure:I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  I got this product to use with my niece, but her parent's were unable to come visit when we had planned, so I had to pass this product off to a really good friend of mine who also has a girl, as I chose the black and pink design Juppy.  From my personal opinion as a mom who used the rolling walkers all the time with my two kids when they were babies, this product looked really great!  I was very excited to see if this would live up to the expectations I hoped.  Below is the review written by my friend who actually used the product.

Review: I received the Juppy baby in hopes that it would encourage my nearly one year old daughter the opportunity to explore her environment safely. Her older brothers started walking around 14 months old so I figured the timing to try such a product was perfect. When it arrived, I was disappointed by the flimsy packaging it came in (definitely would need to jazz it up for a baby shower gift) but opened the product to find a simple, seemingly safe baby gadget. I appreciated that the compact size & travel case would allow you the convenience of bringing Juppy with you in the car, diaper bag, to the park, or store.
Juppy slips on baby similar to a pair of shorts, with a zipper & then the extra security of 2 pieces of alternating Velcro over that. The adult then holds two long straps to guide baby around. I carefully read the instructions & tried it out. Unfortunately, my daughter HATES getting dressed or having her diaper changed. That also translated in to her disliking the process of being put in the Juppy. It doesn't take more than 30 seconds to do, but it left her furious. The instructions state it could take baby a couple minutes to get use to the Juppy but my daughter had gone in to a full blown crying, squirmy tantrum on the ground. For the couple minutes we originally tried it out, I could see how it would be a beneficial baby item & allow an adult good posture while they stroll around with baby. The only caution there being that as a 5'8" adult, I don't think someone much taller would have found the straps comfortable. I decided to put Juppy away & got it out a couple more times with the same reaction from baby E.
Rating Given: Thumbs Down
Although I can see the benefit of this product, I'd have to rate it a thumbs down for our family. The Juppy requires cooperation from baby & my little one is independent, strong-willed, & fiery! I definitely plan on trying it again with her to see if her reaction to it improves. Maybe she wasn't quite developmentally ready? I wonder also if the Juppy would be an activity baby E would let her older brother do with her? I haven't given up on it yet!
After Thought: This review came with a giveaway as well, which I did as a flash giveaway on Facebook to see how a baby boy would like this better. My winner has been asked and agreed to let me know how she and her baby boy like the Juppy. Her response will be attached once she gets her prize. Like this mother's review, the winner is super excited to try it out, as this isn't her first baby either.

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