Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kids Crafts: Melting Beads

My kids love doing crafts, but sometimes its really hard to come up with something new, fun, and find something last minute.  For example, my oldest son's best friend was moving out of state and for their last play date I wanted it to be special and something she would enjoy as much as he would.  So We ran to the Dollar Tree before she came.  I found a few different kid's crafts in a box type of craft.  So it had directions, was super easy with or without adult supervision, and were $1 per item.  So I wasn't breaking the bank.

One of the items we got were these box kits of Melting Beads.  It came with beads, the plastic shape, instructions, the wax paper needed for ironing/ melting the beads and the images for design on the cover of the box.  I almost threw the box away until I found out that there are no other images for the kids to follow on their designs.  DON'T THROW BOX AWAY!

Okay so at my Dollar Tree they only had 3 designs: fox, flower, heart, butterfly.  I know that beads are usually a girl thing, but I was sad that there weren't other boy-ish designs.  Oh well, the fox (I know its a cat, but you call it a fox and my boy didn't mind) worked well enough.
Here are the steps once your plastic template is filled.

Step 1: every spot is filled with a bead on template

Step 2: cover with wax paper cover provided in box

Step 3: Start to iron/ melt the beads

Step 4: you'll see the beads starting to melt on the top

Step 5: Finished with the tops of the beads look like this. Let cool before handing to kids because its HOT

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