Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Linen Queen book review

The Linen QueenThe Linen Queen by Patricia Falvey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Details: When World War 2 comes to the neutral country part of Ireland, the people take different stances. A teenage girl living a horrible life dreams on marrying one of the soldiers and be taken to the USA, but when her priorities are changed, and a contest, a crown and an unknown love make itself known unto her, what will she choose, who will she protect, and how will the war affect her and her choices?

My Review: Sheila is a very normal girl as least on the outside: she's a young, pretty, hard working girl. Her home life is awful, and her dreams are on the constant rope of being snuffed out by her mom, aunt and uncle. When a contest comes her way, her life changes but she has to figure out if its for the better or worse, and soon because the war is on, and their home is being invaded by ally soldiers.

Her best friend is a sailor and keeps her updated on the dangers on the waters, but when sparks fly between them, will they be able to work things out or will it end their life long friendship? We get to learn how young people, how people in other countries, and how lives in the direct line of fire are affected by World War 2. Its a great fictional historical book.

Warning: there was native cursing

Pros: very interesting, neat plot details

Cons: lots of swearing, and some sex and abuse scenes

My Rating: thumbs up

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