Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disney's Frozen movie Controversy

Let me just start by saying that we rarely go to see movies in the theater, not because we don't like it, but because going once as a family, takes our whole monthly fun budget.  But when a really good movie hits the big time we love to be able to take our kids there.  One of our recent movie goings was Frozen.  Now, I have boys, but they both really wanted to see it.  It was a great movie, really fun, beautiful imagination, awesome music.

Over the past few weeks and months I've seen so much controversy about this movie.  Too sexy, gay/ lesbian themes, anti-Christian, etc.  I usually ignore all these things, but when that's all I see on my Facebook wall I thought it was time to form my own opinions and share them.

My 7 year old loves the music, especially the "Let it go" song.  He loves the beautiful snow magic and the amazing ice castle.  He loves how strong and powerful Elsa becomes when she finally believes in herself enough to see what she can do.

My 4 year old loves Olaf the snowman, the Reindeer, and all the snow magic.

My love the movie!  I saw family being important.  I saw love being a major theme.  I saw blooming, and growing, and believing in one's self, having good self worth, knowing you have divine nature and that it can be used for good.  Have you ever been told by your Parent's, Grandparent's, Teachers, friends or other family members not do to be something, not to go after that dream?  I'm sure everyone has a dream-crusher in their life.  I found this dream-crusher type theme in Frozen.  You have a talent or skill that comes natural, and some people don't understand it, think it's worth pursuing, so they tell you not to, so you hide it, keep it a secret until you finally have the courage to break free and "Let it Go".

Controversy: The Sexy Frozen moment , Gay/ Lesbian theme
Funny:  The Piano Guys, Tastefully Offensive
Perfect: Sisters and Icy Hearts
Some movies I've seen have hidden agendas, some agendas aren't so hidden, but regarding this movie, I saw the good, the innocent, the beautiful, the imaginative.  What I see is totally up to me, and what you see it totally up to you.

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