Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sheep Walker's Daughter book review

The Sheep Walker's DaughterThe Sheep Walker's Daughter by Sydney Avey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclosure:  I recieved a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for an honest book review.

When weak family ties are tested by the death of a very head strong, independent, social savvy, well known Mother dies, her family is left cleaning up her house, her life relationships, and her deepest darkest secret. But as her Daughter and Granddaughter dig around, will ghosts of the past scare them into silence? Will the skeletons in her closet be too much for them to handle? Will the secret be the end of their own strained relationship? Or can her now resting spirit bring them closer to each other, closer to love, closer to God and closer to family?

What a well spun story. This plot sounds so realistic its like it came from the author's own life experiences. I love how the author weaves her tale: she gives details that might seem meaningless, but are so important, she gives life to every tree branch, car tire, and pebble mentioned in her story that while you read a movie plays in your mind so you can watch everything that her characters do, say, think, and hold back from their friends, family and loved ones.

This is an amazing book, I love how Christianity isn't pushed, and stuffed down your throat, but rather its the focus of the whole book, and how important God wants us all to know family should be to us, as it is to Him. I love the genealogy and the artistic talents are discovered by the characters, I found myself broken into parts: part of me was in the Mother who passed on, part of me is in the Daughter who lives on, and part of me is in the Granddaughter as well.


Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs up

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