Monday, May 12, 2014

Manicure Monday: Wedding Ombre nails

This past weekend I was apart of the wedding party, and was asked to hand paint the Bride's nails.  She wanted blue-silver ombre nail art, with 3D silver rhinestone bows on her ring fingernails.  Below you will see how I got this look on my own toes (sorry my feet look awful right now...) but her's looked so much better!
Enjoy ~Nails With Zing

NYC Long Wearing Enamel: 151 Skyline Blue polish 

This is the base coat/ color (it took 2 layers to get it smooth)
This is the second coat: it also took 2 layers for the shine to come through
2 steps in one.  Start with a thin tip line of the Ice in Silver, then while its still wet, use the chunky silver glitter and brush backwards towards your cuticles but only half way down your nail spreading the glitter evenly for that Ombre look.
Finish with Hot Designs nail pen in Coral Pink with dot flowers in different positions (the pink matched my dress)

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