Thursday, May 8, 2014

Diego's Hot n Spicy Chips

Details: Open Road Snacks is the formerly Rocky Mountain Popcorn company.  They can created a whole new line of yummy snacks: Diego's Hot n Spicy Chips.  They are bold, hot, and spicy, thanks to the authentic flavors of the Southwest.  The popular ethnic flavors of Habanero and Red Chile flavors invade potato chips for a whole new experience.

My Review:  As a brand ambassador, I am very excited to tell you about the fun new snacks.  Habanero potato chips and Red Chile potato chips are the new fad.  Hot n spicy chips that will fill your mouth with fire, heat, and desire for more of these yummy treats.  Each bag is 1.75 oz net weight and contains 2 serving sizes of chips, but lets be honest, if you open this bag, you'll want to eat the whole bag right then and there all by your self.  I enjoy spicy foods, I love my salsas, but spicy chips are new to me.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't.  With this being said, I was really glad that I got 2 bags of chips each so that I could get a second opinion of these.  My Father-In-Law loves spicy foods, and usually the hotter the better, but his biggest complaint is that there just isn't enough heat.  So he tested one bag of Habanera chips, and one bag of Red Chile chips.  He said they taste really good, have plenty of flavor, are nice and crispy.  However, with the Habanera chips, he said there was only a hint of the flavor and heat, instead of what he thought there should be flavor wise.  He did like the Red Chile chips because they tasted exactly like he expected.  As for me, the Habanero chips were actually WAY too spicy for me.  So you get to extremes on a taste review.  As far as the Red Chile chips I really liked those as well.  I love the flavor!  These are super yummy.  Really, the full flavors are up to you, if you enjoy spicy and heat that's hot, these will tickle your taste buds, and boil your stomach, and help you blow fire!

Pros: great flavors, crispy chips, really hot and spicy

Cons: none

Contest: YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN your own yummy Hot n Spicy chips, just comment below! Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks.

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