Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanks Giving Craft

Example from book
 Today was a really fun craft day.  We made more Thanks Giving crafts before my library books have to be returned.  We made two crafts.

1. Leaf collages.  My kids and I took an hour nature walk/hike/bike ride through the abandoned golf course in our back yard land.  Its open and the paved path is mostly in tact.  There are hundreds of trees, so we took 2 plastic bags and each child collected different types, colors, and sized leaves.  Then I gave them each a big piece of construction paper and the Elmer's glue.  They covered the paper in glue and put their leaves on how ever they wanted.

2. Paper chain turkeys.  We cut 5 pieces of 8x11 brown construction paper into strips.  Each child stapled about 15-17 brown strips together to form a paper chain.  Then the choose their back ground paper color, then we cut out potato shaped turkey bodies from brown construction paper, drew eyes, a beak and the gobbler, and had the kids color them if they wanted.  Then we cut out feathers in the colors they wanted.  We glued the turkey body in the middle of the paper, stapled the paper chain around the turkey body, and glued the feathers on around the outside of the paper chain.  It was fun, easy on the budget, and easy to clean up after.

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