Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cosy Cushion Insoles for Her

Details: Dr. Scholl's Cosy Cushion Insoles for Her.  Helps keep feet dry, warm, and protected during rain and cold outings.  Multi-layer design insulates against dampness, and cold seeping into shoes.  Provides all day comfort and support for yearly wear.  Great for boots or regular shoes too.  Specifically designed to fit rain boots, dress boots, casual boots and shoes.  Comes with 2 plush layers for fuzzy softness and comfort.  Cut to size.  Visit Dr. Scholl's website for a $2 off coupon.  Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions are $12.49 at most stores.  They help keep feet warm and dry while providing all day comfort.  Their multilayer design helps insulate the foot while two plush layers provide extra cushioning.  Cozy Cushions help keep feet dry by absorbing perspiration and offer superior support on hard surfaces.

Disclaimer:  I received a free pair from Influenster in exchange for an honest, non biased review.  I do not recommend products I haven't personally tested, tried, and deem good.

My Review:  Okay, I was super excited to get these, because its winter now, which in the south means lots of rain and cold windy days.  Here's the thing, I tried to put them into my favorite winter boots, to wear on a specifically bad rainy day.  So I measured  my boots and the insoles were the correct size, but when I put them inside my boots, the thickness of the insoles made my boots too tight for me to wear.  So instead of wearing these boot insoles in my boots.  I am wearing them in my Tomms.  I love my canvas shoes, but they aren't warm enough to wear during the winter cold weather.  So with these lovely fuzzy insoles I can wear my canvas shoes and have nice comfy, warm, dry feet all winter long.
I wish these would have fit into my boots, I mean I have 4 pairs of boots and non were comfy enough for me to wear these insoles in.  But I'm glad I was able to find a pair of shoes they fit in well enough to wear and love wearing those shoes.  After wearing them for a month now, they are pretty dirty, but still comfy.
before use

after 1 month

in my shoes

Pros: super comfy, and warm

Cons: didn't fit into my boots, too many layers for comfort

My Rating Thumbs up for being comfy and warm and dry, but Thumbs down because the package says it will fit boots, and with 4 pairs of my boots it failed to fit.

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