Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BelVita Breakfast biscuits

Details: belVita crunchy breakfast biscuits are made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts all morning.  They're a good source of fiber, b-vitamins, contain no high fructose corn syrup, have 18-20 grams of whole grain per serving and taste great.  Each package come with 4 biscuits.  At the store you will find a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits each for $3.69.  Nutritious sustained energy.  Blueberry, and other natural flavors.

 Disclaimer:  I got this sample in my Rose Box from Influenster in exchange for an honest, non biased review.  I only recommend products that I have personally tested, tried, and deem good.

My Review:  I opened this package, and the smell just made me sick, so I gave 2 biscuits to each of my
kids.  They really liked them, thought they were a great little snack.  Since I have boys who eat non stop all day, it seems anyways, I'm pleasently surprised that these biscuits held my kids over for an hour or 2 longer than any other snack (apple, sandwich, cheesey crackers, granola bars etc) that I usually feed them does.  I have never looked for these in the store, but it seems like a good buy.  And they are more healthy than snacks like gummies, marshmellows, pudding, which yes my kids also get occasionally.  The only down side is that I really can't stand the smell, it makes me sick.  So I would never eat them.

Pros: good for kids

Cons: I don't like the sweet blue berry smell

My Rating Thumbs up for my kids liking them, thumbs down because I don't.

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