Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kids Craft for Thanksgiving

My kids just love doing crafts!  They get it from their mom.  So since this week is Thanks Giving here are some more fun Thanks Giving crafts we did together.  On a piece of construction paper we drew a turkey and the words "I am Thankful for...", and every day we'll have our 5 year old write his own thing he is thankful for, and we'll write down what our 3 year old is thankful for, so come Thursday they are really in the spirit of Gratitude.  Then with a piece of yellow construction paper, and a strip of green construction paper, tape, 4 craft sticks, and 2 sheets of pre-printed Pilgrims and Native Americas we set up our second craft.  My kids colored the man and the woman Pilgrim and Native American, then cut them out and taped them to craft sticks to make puppets.  Then to carry them in, we made cornucopias by folding over the ends of a yellow piece of construction paper to make a cone and taped the ends together.  The strip of green paper is the handle.

We do this in conjunction with our Gratitude Tree during our Daily Circle time.  Our Gratitude tree is being decorated with Owls and cloth leaves this month.  Its a daily thing, but really extra special during Thanks Giving Month.

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