Friday, November 15, 2013

Swirl Paint kit for Kids

Details: Kids Stuff Swirl Paint art set with 3 color paints.  Hand turned dial for swirling/ spinning options.  Set the preset cards in the appropriate grooves and locked securely in position.  Pull the handle to make the card spin.  Squeeze the paint on the card while it is spinning.  Colors and contents may vary from illustrations.  Conforms to ASTM D-4236.  Each bottle of paint is 3.5 grams.  For ages 5 and up.

My Review:  I love these painting tools.  They are so fun to use with kids.  a great tool to learn about color mixing, and force and art of course, if you are thinking along a Homeschooling mind set.  We were given 2 for gifts for our children.  We opened one and the kids started using it without adult supervision, as they sneaked into my art boxes while I wasn't around.  The cards that come cut to size are glossy card stock.  There are 6 cards per set.  The paint I thought would be similar to acrylic paint, but it is more like thicker finger paint, as its thick, and gloppy. The colors mix really well, and if you use too much paint everything turns to blackish brown.  Again, with the paint being thicker than normal paper paint, it does take a few hours to dry.  The paint being thick builds up along the inside of the spinner and ends up messing up the cards when in use.  I'm still not sure how to fix this, but hopefully with more use we'll figure out how to overcome this negative issue.
Paint master pieces

paint build up

Pros: fun for kids, easy to use, spins great, you can control the amount of paint squeezed out of the bottle

Cons: thick paint, paint build up on inside of the spinner

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