Friday, November 8, 2013

Movie Review: White House Down

Details: During a special tour of the White House John Cale and his 11 year old daughter Emily experience something no one ever wants to experience.  An attack from paramilitary men on a mission.  Main actors include: Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Richard Jenkins, and Joey King.  2013 movie.

My Review: my husband and I waited until this came to the Redbox to watch.  And after seeing it, I can imagine how awesome the experience at a theater would have been, because this is one of the best movies we've seen this year.  The acting, the plot, the filming are truly well done.  Jamie Foxx was a complete surprise, he wasn't his normal comical self, instead very much formal, and serious.  The ideals his character upheld in his role as the US president were incredible.  This movie can help bring the US people together because of how personal everything felt, even though it was just a movie, and a screen play, and fake characters.  Channing Tatum was his normal super self in this movie as well, and played a little bit of Bruce Willis's Die Hard character running around trying to kill the bad guys to save his daughter.  But he played it well, I would think that Willis would be proud of Tatum's acting in this movie.  The actress who play Emily Cale was my favorite all around.  She was very brave, level headed in a time of crisis, and I really liked how she used tools she had to help her "father" save her.  Look for it on sale during Black Friday sales events!

Every time I watch movies that protray hard desicions that our government might possibly have to make one day, my heart goes out to them.  I pray that they will be strong, and that their families will be safe.  I can't imagine doing their jobs, or knowing what how hard that must be.  Good luck to all those who are serving out country and protecting us!

Pros: amazing movie, plot, screen play, and cast of actors and actresses

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs UP


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