Friday, February 28, 2014

Sinu Orega Nasal Spray

Details: From Puritan's Pride: Sinu Orega Nasal Spray.  North American Herb and Spice Sinu Prega aromatic spice formula (P73) nasal spray.  Emulsified oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, sage, and clove in a sea salt and springwater base.  2 fl oz bottle.  Nonaddictive product.  This is a natural nasal wash powered by potent spice extracts.  $13 dollar average pricing.

How to use: insert nozzle next to inner nasal membrane and gently squirt.  immediately sniff contents deeply to distribute throughout the sinuses.  Repeat with each nostril.  for best results sniff deeply, and repeat as needed.  Temporary burning, stinging, sneezing or increased nasal discharge may occur.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product from Puritan's Pride in exchange for an honest, non biased review.

My Review:  This is product review 2 of 5, in a set of product reviews from Puritan's Pride.  These product reviews are on allergy products.  My husband has been diagnosed with allergies by our doctor just recently, and when asked to help with these product reviews, I thought it was perfect timing so that he can compare these natural products with the ones his doctor prescribed to him.  I thought that I would also try these products as I've had lots of sneezing, sinus infections, and stuffed nose/ headaches recently.  When I took the package off the Sinu Orega, I immediately smelled very strong herbs/ spices.  With this immediate strong smell with the cap still on the bottle, I knew there was no way I would get my husband to try this product.  So I needed to do my best to will myself to try this product.  When I squirted into my nostril, OH WOW!  It burned, it stung, I couldn't bring myself to breathe in deeply like the directions asked.  I couldn't do it.  I blew out as much as I could, but was breathing in the herb and spice scent for a long time afterward.  It also gave me a huge head ache.

I  tried, it, as much as I could.  But honestly I don't know who would want to try this product.  It really might help you breathe better, and clear your sinuses but I personally can't get over the smell, and the temporary symptoms from using it.

My Rating: Thumbs Down

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breathe Easy Herbal , Tea

Details: From Puritan's Pride comes Breathe Easy herbal tea created by Herbalists, its a traditional medicinals seasonal tea since 1974.  16 wrapped tea bags per box.  Breathe easy herbal tea helps promote respiratory health, caffeine free.  A combination of Western herbalism with ancient Traditional Chinese wisdom results in a unique blend that warms and engages the senses.  Eucalyptus, fennel and licorice are combined with Bi Yan Pian extract.  The taste is a balanced bittersweet fluid, with a hint of aromatic citrus.  Non GMO verified products.  88% Certified Organic ingredients.  Same Old Us, Great New Look!  $4 per box average pricing.  Puritan's Pride has discounts and coupon codes being offered often, for a chance to buy in bulk for a great price.

How to use: pour 8 oz freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag.  Cover cup and steep for 10-15 minutes.  Squeeze tea bag to ensure maximum goodness in your cup.  Enjoy 3 cups daily.  Great with honey.

Disclosure: I received a full sized complimentary product in exchange for an honest, non biased product review.

My Review:  This is product review post 1 of 5 of a set of Allergy products Puritan Pride sells.  I love herbal teas.  They help me feel so good, whether I'm looking for a calming tea, a cold and flu tea, sore throat tea I've used them.  Recently we took my husband to the doctor to figure out some health questions and concerns he's been struggling with.  We found out that he now has allergies, seasonal, and every day allergies, something he's never had his whole life.  Granted we live in North Carolina, which is the top allergen state in the USA, so that doesn't help.  What he suffers with are the following: snoring, liquid in his ears, stuffy ears, clogged nose and sinuses, head aches, itchy eyes, dry eyes, and a few others.  This package of allergy products from Puritan's Pride came just at the right time to help my husband.  But he hasn't really wanted to try these products instead of the stuff his doctor had him get.  I was pretty bummed, because I needed someone with allergies to try these out.  Well it just so happened that I've started to sneeze a lot, so I'm thinking why not try it for myself and see if it helps me, as it seems that I'm getting allergies as well.

So here's my review.  When I opened the box the teas smelled very strong.  A little spicy, tangy, and bitter.  The taste is like nothing I've tried before.  Its sweet, minty, spicy (but without heat), and tastes like herbs.   Even with just one taste my nose/ sinuses were cleared a little bit more than it was before.  I am surprised a lot actually; it works pretty good.  Without honey its hard for me to drink more than a few sips at a time.  But with honey its a lot better tasting, and I can finish the cup of tea.

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Linen Queen book review

The Linen QueenThe Linen Queen by Patricia Falvey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Details: When World War 2 comes to the neutral country part of Ireland, the people take different stances. A teenage girl living a horrible life dreams on marrying one of the soldiers and be taken to the USA, but when her priorities are changed, and a contest, a crown and an unknown love make itself known unto her, what will she choose, who will she protect, and how will the war affect her and her choices?

My Review: Sheila is a very normal girl as least on the outside: she's a young, pretty, hard working girl. Her home life is awful, and her dreams are on the constant rope of being snuffed out by her mom, aunt and uncle. When a contest comes her way, her life changes but she has to figure out if its for the better or worse, and soon because the war is on, and their home is being invaded by ally soldiers.

Her best friend is a sailor and keeps her updated on the dangers on the waters, but when sparks fly between them, will they be able to work things out or will it end their life long friendship? We get to learn how young people, how people in other countries, and how lives in the direct line of fire are affected by World War 2. Its a great fictional historical book.

Warning: there was native cursing

Pros: very interesting, neat plot details

Cons: lots of swearing, and some sex and abuse scenes

My Rating: thumbs up

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transformers Beast Hunter Toy

Details: Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Toy for children ages 5 and up.  Hyena Cannon transformer toy. Deluxe Class series 2.014 Vertabreak Predicon.  The powerful Vertabreak wants nothing more than to smash the Autobots and everyone who is with them.  With his Hyena Cannon and launching missile toy he is a fierce enemy to Bumble Bee, Prime and the rest of the good guys the Autobots.  Plastic toy with moving parts, small attaching pieces, transforming ability with included instructions.  
My Review:  We bought this for my 4 year old son who loves everything Transformers, moving changing parts on action figures etc.  He picked it out, and even though he's a year younger than the suggested age, he does really well with transforming this toy.  We tried to help him with the instructions, but he figured it out before we as the adults/ his parents did.  The transformer has 3 different head options, 3 different hand options, the Hyena cannon can be removed and "fly" on it own, or it can be attached to the transformer itself for firing the toy dart.  We thought that this toy would be broken by the 3rd day that he's had it, but no, its better quality than we expected.  Price runs around $10 depending on where you get it.  

Pros: fun for children 4-8, easy for them to play with, quality plastic pieces

Cons: small pieces will get lost quickly

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Thursday, February 20, 2014

On the Edge Book Review

Details:  When a young Marine is discharged from duty, he must find a new way to carry on with life. Working for his father, and working for his brother's Ex brings more tension than he planned on.  Death isn't something new to him, but when death is more like murder than just death, everyone has a breaking point.  So when the Marine is forced to go on a Triathlon in his father's place, he finds himself in a position where everyone wants a piece of him, but only if he'll follow their lead, so how can he be the leader, find the killer, and not get caught in the middle of a family feud, and the path of the murder?  Available as an ebook via amazon or printed copy.

Disclosure:  This is an author requested review.  I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my services as a book reviewer, and blogger.

My Review:  Dick Hannah is a great author.  His imagination is colorful, artistic, creative, and detail oriented.  He creates fiction stories and spins real life examples into his novels for a great adventure for all of his readers.  This is the second book I have had the privilege and honor of reviewing for Mr. Hannah, and I'm once again blow away just like last time.  I love the story plots, they are fun, intriguing realistic, thrilling, and full of unknown twists, turns, and hidden mini plots.  I learned alot about athletes, competitions, and triathlons, that I never knew.  I've never run a marathon or a triathlon, but have always been curious about them.  I used to life guard during the early morning hours that the triathlon team would come in and practice so this was really fun and cool for me to read about.  I highly recommend On the Edge by Dick Hannah!

BTW: just have to boast just a little bit, but on the back cover of this book is the review I did for his first book!  Thanks Mr. Hannah for this cool experience!

Pros: well written, great plot, realistic fiction, realistic characters

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Disney's Frozen movie Controversy

Let me just start by saying that we rarely go to see movies in the theater, not because we don't like it, but because going once as a family, takes our whole monthly fun budget.  But when a really good movie hits the big time we love to be able to take our kids there.  One of our recent movie goings was Frozen.  Now, I have boys, but they both really wanted to see it.  It was a great movie, really fun, beautiful imagination, awesome music.

Over the past few weeks and months I've seen so much controversy about this movie.  Too sexy, gay/ lesbian themes, anti-Christian, etc.  I usually ignore all these things, but when that's all I see on my Facebook wall I thought it was time to form my own opinions and share them.

My 7 year old loves the music, especially the "Let it go" song.  He loves the beautiful snow magic and the amazing ice castle.  He loves how strong and powerful Elsa becomes when she finally believes in herself enough to see what she can do.

My 4 year old loves Olaf the snowman, the Reindeer, and all the snow magic.

My love the movie!  I saw family being important.  I saw love being a major theme.  I saw blooming, and growing, and believing in one's self, having good self worth, knowing you have divine nature and that it can be used for good.  Have you ever been told by your Parent's, Grandparent's, Teachers, friends or other family members not do to be something, not to go after that dream?  I'm sure everyone has a dream-crusher in their life.  I found this dream-crusher type theme in Frozen.  You have a talent or skill that comes natural, and some people don't understand it, think it's worth pursuing, so they tell you not to, so you hide it, keep it a secret until you finally have the courage to break free and "Let it Go".

Controversy: The Sexy Frozen moment , Gay/ Lesbian theme
Funny:  The Piano Guys, Tastefully Offensive
Perfect: Sisters and Icy Hearts
Some movies I've seen have hidden agendas, some agendas aren't so hidden, but regarding this movie, I saw the good, the innocent, the beautiful, the imaginative.  What I see is totally up to me, and what you see it totally up to you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sleeping Aid Drink Shot

Details: Dream Water is a 0 calorie, drug free, supplement made to help you sleep better, sounder, and wake refreshed and ready for your day.  Its much like an energy shot, but for sleeping.  Flavored Snoozeberry. Bought at Target for under $3.  1 bottle is one serving, discard after 5 days being open.

My Review:  I have trouble sleeping at night, its a known fact by my family.  See: I'm a wife to a husband who snores like crazy because of allergies and being over weight.  I'm a mom to young children who often have nightmares, fall out of bed, need some Mommy cuddle time during the middle of the night when they're cold, or sad, or wet the bed.  I am a light sleeper, and every little noise or dog bark I hear and wake up for.  We sleep with a fan on right by my side of the bed to help me sleep better, but it doesn't always drown out extra noises.  So during a trip where I would need every ounce of sleep I could get at night, I decided to find something to try and help me fall asleep.  This is what I found.  It seemed to work pretty well too.  I took it 3 nights in a row, but only drinking a 1/3 of the bottle each night.  I didn't want to end up in a grumpy because I have medicine in my body type of Mommy mood in the morning so I didn't actually drink the whole bottle at once.  It says to drink 30 minutes before wanting to go to bed.  It works within those 30 minutes.  If I could find this in bulk I would keep taking it because even just drinking 1/3 each night I felt a difference that worked great! The taste wasn't so bad either, but I chilled it in the fridge before drinking it.  

Pros: works great even just drinking 1/3 a night instead of the whole bottle like suggested.

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Captain America Triple Blast Shield Toy

Details: Marvel Comies presents Captain America Shield Toy with Triple Dart Attack action, 10 included attack darts, stealth mode, quick flip to change modes, attack mode, Avenger's child toy, Sells for around $13.

My Review: My 7 year old got this toy for his birthday last week and it is a highly coveted toy between friends and siblings.  Its fun that it comes with darts that shoot, you can choose to shoot single or 3 at a time using the Triple Blast action mode.  Caution: Advised from experience not to shoot darts at people it HURTS.

Pros: fun for kids, great design, easy to use, quality workmanship on the toy

Cons: the darts are easily lost, darts hurt when shot at people

My Rating: Thumbs Up
Triple Blast Action Mode

Movable handle to hold shield and shoot darts

This toy is for "serious" players only :) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vinyl Decals

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: Vinyl Disorder is an online company that specializes in vinyl.  Vinyl stickers, decals, fabric vinyl, heat press vinyl, banners, wraps, view through window decals, canvas prints, and vehicle lettering.  You get to choose by room, font/ text, featured categories, printed products, more categories, apparel, artists, gifts, ideas, and last but not least, finger nail decals.  When looking for that perfect finger nail decal you can search by name, price or default search.  They have a great selection of mustaches, astrological signs, Zodiac signs, shapes like hearts and stars, or you can create your own design for your finger nail decals.  You can also find them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Disclosure:I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  So many of you know that Mondays are Mom's Thumb Reviews Manicure Mondays.  And today would have been really cool being able to show off my amazing nail art with Vinyl Disorder finger decals.  However, due to the snow my products never came, and my review is still due today, so I'm changing my review to a review of the company.  At least until my products eventually come and then do a fantastic Manicure Monday review of Finger Nail Decals by Vinyl Disorder.

So this company is totally amazing: they offer a huge selection of product types, meaning you can choose from a huge selection of pre-designed vinyl designs, or you can design your own designs for any of their products.  I love looking at all their designs, all the possibilities you can do with their products.  This looks like a great company to work with.

My Rating: Thumbs up for cool products and a fun company, Thumbs down for not being able to do my real product review.

Bio Terra Snoring Herbals

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: Bio Terra Snoring Herbal supplements. Bio Terra Herbs is a brand new company that focuses on natural, vegan and clean products.  The snoring (shush) herbal supplement is for your loved one who keeps you up at night with their snoring.  Made with a combination of all natural, clean, herbs to help prevent snoring.  Comes in a 10 or 60 serving bottle.  Take at bedtime 30 minutes before going to bed.  Bio Terra is spreading the news about their new company and how amazing their supplements are, for people who want clean, all natural, and vegan herbal supplements.  You can find them on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  My husband has been snoring like crazy for the past 4 years.  I am a light sleeper and when he snores I get bad, little, and no sleep.  So when I saw this company offering  product reviews, I knew I had to try and get in on the action to see if I can get better sleep.  Yes when it comes to my sleep, I'm selfish.  I need to be to be able to function for my husband and kid's needs.  So for a whole week we tested this Bio Terra Snoring herbal supplement on my husband, but nothing worked, he kept snoring, just as loud and frustrating as it is to me.  We learned from our doctor that the reason my husband snores is because of allergies, and until he can get his allergies under control his snoring won't change.  So that's pretty disappointing in my mind at least.  This means that the Bio Terra Snoring Herbs won't help my husband's snoring.  But I have heard that some of our family starts snoring when they get sick.  So even though this herb won't and doesn't work with my husband's snoring, I will keep you updated on if this works for other types of snoring.

Pros: I love that its clean, all natural and vegan herbs,

Cons: it didn't work for my husband's snoring but should work for over weight, sickness induced snoring

My Rating Thumbs up and Down for not working for my husband but being clean and healthy and safe to take.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Petter Pet Calendar Giveaway

The Petter Pet Calendar Giveaway

Hosted by RayMichelle & The Petter

CoHosted by Libby's Library

pet calendar
The Petter pet calendar is a very great product. It almost makes you think, Why didn't I think of that? The Petter is offering you a planner to keep track of all of your pet needs. Their slogan is "because your pet has a life too!" Which from personal experience , I know my pets have a life and they like to stay on a pretty strict schedule. Think about it, groomings, vet appointments, play dates, feeding schedules, and any medications they may be on your pets need a lot of attention and there are an abundance of things to remember.
pet calendar
The Petter pet calendar includes:
  • A handy adhesive notepad, a magnetic list pad, & page markers
  • Mind boggling facts and famous quotes about animals
  • Pet family tree pages
  • Info pages to keep track of important info for up to 6 pets-vet contact info, medical history, registration numbers
  • Contact pages
  • A list of dates and holidays for animals.
Thanks to our friends over at The Petter I am able to keep track of 2 dogs and fish that I have. On top of my bust life of a full-time job and fiance and 3 kids. Oh and lets not forget RayMichelle. So how happy was I to see this and was so excited that it made another aspect of my life a little easier. Speaking of easier, The Petter is going to give one lucky winner a free copy of The Petter Pet Calendar. Good Luck!
Like this post? Have more info? Leave comment and tell me what you think.

Disclosure: RayMichelle did not receive compensation for this review, but did receive product for review. All opinions are our own and may not agree with our readers' own opinions of the products.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Juppy Baby Walker

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Details: The Juppy "Momentum" is an alternative method for helping babies learn to walk.  Baby walkers with wheels are very popular, but so dangerous, so giving parents a solution to a very challenging problem has been the reason Juppy has been created.  The Juppy is for babies who are strong enough to start walking but can't walk alone.  It builds confidence, creates a safer environment, and provides parents with good posture straps so they can stand up right when using.  This is able to be used by people 4' 11" to 6' 11" with the adjustable velcro straps.

What you get with a Juppy: comes in 3 colors: black and yellow, black and blue, black and pink.  Easy adjustable straps to accomodate your height, soft hand grips, color matching zipper on the back of the Juppy, purse carrying bag.  Parent Assisted baby walker! Fits babies 35 lbs or under, 100% cotton material that can be washed by machine.  Folds up so you can carry it in diaper bag or purse.

Where you can find The Juppy: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and their Blog.  You can purchase from their website as well.

Disclosure:I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review:  I got this product to use with my niece, but her parent's were unable to come visit when we had planned, so I had to pass this product off to a really good friend of mine who also has a girl, as I chose the black and pink design Juppy.  From my personal opinion as a mom who used the rolling walkers all the time with my two kids when they were babies, this product looked really great!  I was very excited to see if this would live up to the expectations I hoped.  Below is the review written by my friend who actually used the product.

Review: I received the Juppy baby in hopes that it would encourage my nearly one year old daughter the opportunity to explore her environment safely. Her older brothers started walking around 14 months old so I figured the timing to try such a product was perfect. When it arrived, I was disappointed by the flimsy packaging it came in (definitely would need to jazz it up for a baby shower gift) but opened the product to find a simple, seemingly safe baby gadget. I appreciated that the compact size & travel case would allow you the convenience of bringing Juppy with you in the car, diaper bag, to the park, or store.
Juppy slips on baby similar to a pair of shorts, with a zipper & then the extra security of 2 pieces of alternating Velcro over that. The adult then holds two long straps to guide baby around. I carefully read the instructions & tried it out. Unfortunately, my daughter HATES getting dressed or having her diaper changed. That also translated in to her disliking the process of being put in the Juppy. It doesn't take more than 30 seconds to do, but it left her furious. The instructions state it could take baby a couple minutes to get use to the Juppy but my daughter had gone in to a full blown crying, squirmy tantrum on the ground. For the couple minutes we originally tried it out, I could see how it would be a beneficial baby item & allow an adult good posture while they stroll around with baby. The only caution there being that as a 5'8" adult, I don't think someone much taller would have found the straps comfortable. I decided to put Juppy away & got it out a couple more times with the same reaction from baby E.
Rating Given: Thumbs Down
Although I can see the benefit of this product, I'd have to rate it a thumbs down for our family. The Juppy requires cooperation from baby & my little one is independent, strong-willed, & fiery! I definitely plan on trying it again with her to see if her reaction to it improves. Maybe she wasn't quite developmentally ready? I wonder also if the Juppy would be an activity baby E would let her older brother do with her? I haven't given up on it yet!
After Thought: This review came with a giveaway as well, which I did as a flash giveaway on Facebook to see how a baby boy would like this better. My winner has been asked and agreed to let me know how she and her baby boy like the Juppy. Her response will be attached once she gets her prize. Like this mother's review, the winner is super excited to try it out, as this isn't her first baby either.

The Sheep Walker's Daughter book review

The Sheep Walker's DaughterThe Sheep Walker's Daughter by Sydney Avey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclosure:  I recieved a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for an honest book review.

When weak family ties are tested by the death of a very head strong, independent, social savvy, well known Mother dies, her family is left cleaning up her house, her life relationships, and her deepest darkest secret. But as her Daughter and Granddaughter dig around, will ghosts of the past scare them into silence? Will the skeletons in her closet be too much for them to handle? Will the secret be the end of their own strained relationship? Or can her now resting spirit bring them closer to each other, closer to love, closer to God and closer to family?

What a well spun story. This plot sounds so realistic its like it came from the author's own life experiences. I love how the author weaves her tale: she gives details that might seem meaningless, but are so important, she gives life to every tree branch, car tire, and pebble mentioned in her story that while you read a movie plays in your mind so you can watch everything that her characters do, say, think, and hold back from their friends, family and loved ones.

This is an amazing book, I love how Christianity isn't pushed, and stuffed down your throat, but rather its the focus of the whole book, and how important God wants us all to know family should be to us, as it is to Him. I love the genealogy and the artistic talents are discovered by the characters, I found myself broken into parts: part of me was in the Mother who passed on, part of me is in the Daughter who lives on, and part of me is in the Granddaughter as well.


Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs up

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Carb Delights Blogger Opp/ Giveaway

Carb Delights Blogger Opp/ Giveaway Event

Dates: Feb 14-28th
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1 Free Twitter or Facebook SM Link
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Cake Failure

Okay, so let me start by saying I only volunteered because I thought I knew what I was doing.  I only volunteered because I knew it would be cheaper for them in the long run.  I only volunteered because I wanted to be nice, and because I actually do love doing cake decorating.  But, what I didn't know when I volunteered what exactly I got myself into...

It all started on December 4th when my Brother called me up saying that he was getting married on December 14th.  I was excited for him and my soon to be Sister-in-Law and nephew.  Well a few days before the 14th, my Brother called up again and said that they were changing their wedding date to the 28th of December and they plan on doing a Wedding Reception on February 1st so that more family can attend.  Asking what they have done, and what they need to do for both I was all to happy to volunteer for decorating for the wedding or reception, OR I can make their cake.  I had plenty of time to 1. borrow supplies from family and friends so I could make a cake, 2. figure out what type of cake they want, 3. figure out how to make and decorate a cake that will not break, fall apart, or melt on an hour drive to where the reception will be held, 4. figure out how to do this while moving, and planning a 2 week vacation to Florida, and home schooling my children, keeping up with my counseling for our church youth group Young Women.

Here is the first picture that my Brother gave me for their wedding cake.  The picture on the left.  I laughed and said good luck finding someone to make that on your budget (which was pretty much the cost of supplies).  Then after a night of pinterest and google I found enough pictures of red, white and silver cakes to get my SIL to choose what she wanted which is the picture on the right.  I gave them the option of going with a round cake and have real cake for each tier, or go with a square cake and get 2 tiers being fake cake, and the top tier being real.  And just having sheet cakes for their guests.  After a whole month literally!, they went with the fake cake and sheet cake and square cake option.  So this then became my first ever tiered cake, first ever fake cake, and I had 1 week to put it all together while moving and packing to go to Florida.  Too bad it took so long for them to make a decision on their cake, oh well.

foil wrapped boxes
inserting real cake slices
What I did to make the firm structure of the fake cake was go to Goodwill, and buy 2 board games that had the perfect square stacking shape (I didn't realize until I got home that my square boxes were too thin, but it still worked out well).  For the box that was the bottom tier, we cut out part of the box so we can slide in 2 pieces of real cake.  Then we covered them in tin foil, shiney side out, using masking tape.  The cake board was thick card board covered in tin foil and clear scotch tape. I used a recipe that I was given by a friend and started making (for the first time EVER), marshmellow fondant.  This was a chore and a half all on its own.  I was told by more than one person that you can't mess up this type of fondant, its really easy to make, super quick to whip up.  So I thought, okay, I can do this, no problem.  So after a practice run late at night, the next day I made tons (I don't remember how many batches of doubled and tripled batches) of marshmellow fondant.  I used my Mother-In-Law's help to get the first bit on the bottom box.  It cracked, and didn't look very smooth, we got air bubbles, and of course it wasn't evenly rolled out due to lack of space.  (Trying to pretend that we were Buddy on Cake Boss, which didn't work).  FAILURE 1.  The second batch of marshmellow fondant turned out better...some.  Come to find out that my recipe just wasn't a good recipe.  So here's my warning DO NOT USE THIS RECIPE for marshmellow fondant!  It doesn't turn out right at all.
failed fondant

As I continued to work on the cake (like I said it took me 6 days to make) I needed butter cream frosting, but after spending $50 of my own money, plus the supplies that my Brother and SIL bought for their cake, I needed to stop spending more money and just get things done.  So I went online for a quick easy butter cream frosting.  The recipe I found on google called for milk.  I thought this was weird, but didn't think about it more.  I used this frosting to frost over the fondant, to THIS RECIPE for butter cream frosting.  So we ended up running to a store and buying a white layered cake and transferred the wedding cake toppers onto the store bought cake.
sheet cake
frost the 3 sheet cakes I needed to make, and to frost the 3 layers  top tier of the wedding cake.  I was going to use it for frosting roses, but ran out of time so I bought some fake roses at the Dollar Tree from their Valentine's Day section which were actually really pretty on the cake.  In the picture above, the square cake had silver pearls on it, but my Brother and SIL asked for black pearls instead.  So I put them on, but with just a little bit of moisture they started to bleed onto the white frosting of the cake.  FAILURE number 2!  So I used nail polish on the fake cake to fix the pearl bleeding.  And it actually worked out well.  Then I finished the whole cake and had to transport it to their reception 1 hour a way from where we lived, in a mini van packed to drive down to Florida after the reception was over.  So half way down to the reception I started to see an air bubble in my SIL's name I piped onto the top tier of the cake (the only real part of the wedding cake).  I tried to fix it using a straw, but it got worse and worse.  Then I noticed that the sides of the cake were melting, and the frosting was turning to liquid.  FAILURE 3!  It was because of the milk in the butter cream recipe, it went crazy on me.  My warning is this.  DO NOT USE
In the end my Brother and SIL did end up with a pretty cake, and a funny story.  Why did I go through all this trouble to help them out and do my very best, even though I was doing stuff I really didn't have a clue on how to do?  Because when I got married 8 years ago, my wedding cake was a disaster.  It wasn't the color I wanted, there were not decorations on it.  And the cake itself started to crumble under the weight of the other tiers (it was only a 3 tiered simple cake).  Lastly, no one ever told me that the top tier comes home with the Bride and Groom for their first anniversary, so I made it the flavor I HATED.  I didn't want my Brother and SIL to have those issues, and they LOVED my cake, despite the failures they didn't know about.