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Mom's Thumb Reviews is a mother and daughter duo who shares a love for writing, having fun, and helping others.  One of us posts our reviews on Mom's Thumb our sister site, and then the other of us posts here on Mom's Thumb Reviews. We blog about product reviews because we want people to know what is good and what isn't.
Topics: We cover a small range of topics: Nail Art Designs, Books, Anything for Kids, Everything Women, Everything for Men, Home Schooling and Education, Organci/ Eco Friendly products, and Health/Wellness/Fitness.  These are our life long passions!  

Contact us at: for our Mom's Thumb Reviews manager, or contact for our Mom's Thumb manager.

Disclosure: we follow all FTC rules and regulations.  Every review we do is honest, and non biased.  All opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.  We are not responsible for prizes companies don't ship to you or are lost in the mail.

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