Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NuElle Triple Action Anti Cellulite Concentrate

Details: NuElle Triple Action anti Cellulite Concentrate can be purchased via the link provided.  This product is a combination of 25 fat fighters that help fight when used for weight loss and cellulite reduction.  This lotion has a light creamy texture, is easy to apply, and is fast absorbing. This product works on the surface as well as in depth.  As this product firms on the surface of your skin, while detoxifying on the inside, by reducing fat, reducing water retention, and helping increase circulation.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review: This product is a white lotion like cream that you rub into your skin where you have visual cellulite.  It will start working on deleting the cellulite on the surface of your skin first, as least that is what I noticed as I used this product.  There is a slight scent but not strong at all, and its a scent that is refreshing to have on your skin.  Of the 3 different products that all fight cellulite, that I have had the opportunity to test, try and review, each of them have what is called a "sauna" feel due to the essential oils.  This "sauna" sensation isn't very strong with this product, and isn't uncomfortable, unbearable, or something that would prevent you from wanting to use it.  I do however, recommend that when you rub this in, be prepared to wait a good 5-10 minutes if your schedule allows for your skin to air dry to help the "sauna" sensation to go a way quicker, than if you were to trap it in your clothing right after rubbing this product into your skin.

I can honestly attest to the fact that because I have used this product my upper thighs, and bottom now have a much decreased visual appearance of cellulite.  Also, I can feel the difference in my skin and body parts where I have used this product that the cellulite is actually decreasing, like it's being burned off (from a workout when I say burned off) and not just being hidden.  This is a great product to use, but like any product that gives you visual results whether instant, or progressive results consistency is the key.

Pros: works great, easy to rub in, quick to absorb, saw results within 3 uses

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Monday, September 29, 2014

Manicure Monday: Layered in Blues

Learn how to create a fun layered look fast and easy with this manicure tutorial.
First layer: this is a clear coat perfect for your nail base coat
This polish dries in 60 seconds.
Second: add one even layer of this nail polish.
You don't want it too thick, because it changes
the shade of this beautiful teal color.
Dries in 60 seconds as well.
Third step: add one even layer of this Glitter mix
from Milani.
 You want an even layer because there are big and small chunks of glitter.
Dries in about 90 seconds (which is fast for glitter,
but if you don't let it dry completely it'll peel this layer and the other layers off too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Rather Remarkable Homecoming book review

Details:  C.A. Belmond author of A Rather Remarkable Homecoming has written 3 other novels in the Rather collection.  C. A. Belmond's "Rather" novels feature the one and only Penny Nichols the American Heiress, and Jeremy Laidley the English hero, as they embark on yet another fantastic journey with a new case that comes directly from English Royalty itself.  Learn just exactly what "For love of King and Country" really means to those who dwell in England and its outskirt-ting provences.  As well as just how fun it really is "to Grandmother's house we go" when Penny and Jeremy are reunited with Penny's Grandmother's historic home by the sea.  Will they be able to out smart gunsmen, gangsters, local myths, and pranks as well as some very scary kidnappers?  Or will they turn tail and run from some very "bad" guys who are buying off everyone who could help Penny and Jeremy solve their case.

My Review:  I recently bought this book at the Dollar Tree during one of our trips to Florida.  I had a lot of time on my hands this trip, and wanted something to read.  I was intrigued the minute I read the title.  What further intrigued me is that its about Penny Nicholas all grown up and married.  I used to read her novels when I was a child because she was just as fun as Nancy Drew.  This novel was a really easy read, only took me a day or so to read.  I was captured the whole time though, wondering what would happen next, how they would out smart the bay guys, if their Great Aunt would save her son, or if their large inheritance would be stolen or not before they could figure out the mystery behind Penny's Grandmother's old home.  Very fun!  This novel was read without knowing there were previous novels that brought the rest of the story together.  When I find novel series that can entertain without me needing to read the previous stories I really enjoy those novels even better!  This is a keeper, and I am already in pursuit of finding the previous novels so I can finish the series.

Pros: fun, easy read, fast read, great read by itself without needing the previous novels in the series

Cons: none

My Rating:  Thumbs Up

Monday, September 22, 2014

Kid's Panning for Gold Kit

Details:  Dr. Cool's Kid's Pan for Gold Kit can be purchased from the Link provided.  This is a great science kit for children 4 and up.  Learn how to pan for gold and discover with Dr. Cool.  The Kit includes 1 Adventure Guide, 1 Activity Booklet, 10" miner's pan, 2 bags of dirt (practice dirt, and pay dirt), real fool's gold specimen, tweezers, magnifying glass, nugget vial and storage bag.  Can be translated into German, French, Spanish.  Learn about Gold uses from around the world, the California gold rush, how miners panned for gold then and now, what gold ore is, and the differences between gold and pyrite.  Test your skills with hands on panning with your own "pay dirt" and pan.

Extras: * Learn how to pan for gold just like a real prospector with this hands-on science kit
* Kit includes 10” prospectors pan, tools, storage vial, practice and advanced miner bags of paydirt, plus large fool’s gold nugget
* Perfect gift for any kid aged 6-12 that is interested in gold, prospecting, science, or geology
* Full Color Info and Activity guides written by teachers are filled with cool science facts about gold
* Winner of Dr. Toy Best Picks for New Products Award
* Kids award winning pan for gold science toy

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review: This kit from Dr. Cool's Sciences is really neat for my kids aged 4 and 7.  Both loved it to different degrees.  As we Home School, I'm always looking for tools, supplies, supplements, games, activities, field trips, etc to help bring our schooling into a more Interactive focus.  This is one such supplemental activity for science.  My children love rocks, so what better way to help teach Earth science than to help them learn more about rocks, minerals, gems, jewels, and the refining process.  We've been to many museums lately where they have seen gold, silver, copper, jewels and gems, crystal formations, lava rocks, moon rocks, etc.  So to have the opportunity to learn about one way people used to find and get gold really helps bring what they learn from their books, field trips, me as their Teacher and such is a great way to impliment my goal of Interact Home Schooling.  The day we got this in the mail was the same day that we opened it up, used it, read the booklets, did the activities and panned for gold.  I gave both kids a chance to pan for gold and use the tweezers to pick out the gold nuggets.  My 4 year old needed more help with the panning part (as we did end up with sand and water all over the floor with him.  But my 7 year old could to everything pretty much on his own, but I still stayed put to supervise.  They loved the history behind everything and the activity booklet's mazes, dot to dots, and word searches were handy and fun!  My only thought is that it's a one time activity, so once we've used up the sand and gold nuggets I'm not really sure what to do with this kit...maybe if the company offered a recycling effort for their pan, and box and booklets that was also free to those who purchased it this way it doesn't necessarily go to waste once the pay dirt is gone.

Pros: fun for kids, great for parents, teachers and home schooling

Cons: a one use activity kit, not sure what to do with all the left over materials, would love to see some type of free recycling program put into place.

My Rating: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Christmas Quilt Book Review

Details:  The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini is part of the Elm Creek Quilt novels.  Christmas time is a time of family, friends, and traditions.  But at Elm Creek it also means secrets, unresolved anger, and an UFO.  So how can a fairly newly wed couple help get rid of the " Hum Bug" in Elm Creek's owner when it concerns Christmas while trying to keep a promise made long ago.  Jennifer spins amazing stories of love, hurt, betrayal, forgiveness, family, and everything between those layers in this fun novel.  Perfect for Christmas time, but also for anytime you want to curl up with a good book.

My Reviews:  I love the Elm Creek Quilt novels.  8 years ago, I found them at my local library and read every single one that I could during my nursing and breast pumping time as a new mother.  It was the perfect thing to help me get through those times.  I love each story Jennifer has written, and truly enjoy her style, humor, and wisdom as she spins characters into realistic living characters.  The Christmas quilt is one of her best written novels as we learn more about Sylvia's past, her family, the traditions and sacrifice that was done to make Elm Creek what it is today.  2 years ago I was able to be reconnected with the Elm Creek Quilt novels when our local library started selling their used books to the public.  I was able to pick up only 3 Elm Creek Quilt novels, but now that I have 3 I want to own the other 7.  What I love about Jennifer's writing style is that each book can be read on it's own without you missing anything, but when you read them in their order, its truly a lovely story, broken up into 10 different novels.

Pros: amazingly well written, love the history, love the ease of reading, love the characters,

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Geography Pen Pal 1

For our home school this year, we've really been focusing on being Interactive, for fun, education, and responsibilities.  So as one of my best friends offered us the chance to join this cool Facebook group to help with Geography.  I had to say yes!  What fun it'll be for the kids.  So what we do is every month is mail out a package of fliers, information, details, coloring pages and a little trinket from the state where we live.  Its all about the state/ territory where you live and you share it with 13 other families so we have a package being mailed out and being received every month of school (as some of us are year round Home Schoolers).  

So here is our very first month package.  We got it from Oklahoma!    

K'er doing his coloring pages
2nd'er doing his coloring pages
OK state music details

OK state details

OK state famous people

OK state recipe

Here are the trinkets that we were given.
We turned the guitar picks into magnets so they don't get lost.

My Kindergartener had fun!

My 2nd Grader loved this activity!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Manicure Monday: Purple Licious

Lately my nails have been breaking and splitting a ton.
This is actually helping strengthen them.
Apply as your base coat polish.

I love metallic polish!  This is now a favorite of mine!
Apply in 2 coats.
I love glitter polish, but Milani is the best and fastest drying glitter polish.
Apply as much glitter as you want!  Let dry for a full 3 minutes.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yacon Syrup

Details: True Sol Yacon Syrup can be purchased via the link provided.  True Sol Nutrition Pure Premium Yacon Syrup pure and natural digestive aid.  Naturally boosts metabolism, low calorie, low glycemic dietary supplement.  A natural source of powerful prebiotics and antioxidants.  Made in the USA.  Serving size is 1 tsp.  100% pure raw and organic extract.  Comes in an 8 fl oz bottle.  This is a metabolism booster.  Helps with weight loss as a probiotic, non-caloric, low glycemic.  Can be used as a natural sweetener.  "When taken daily, raw yacon syrup can assist in losing weight, increase metabolism and aid with detox cleansing of the digestive system."  No additives.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Rating: This is the second Yacon product/ dietary supplement that I have tried in my life time.  Between these two products there are many differences.  This Yacon syrup is truly a syrup consistency, thick, dark in color, sweet smelling, and reminds me a lot of molasses. So if you like molasses then you'll have no issues taking this product.  I on the other hand do not like molasses and so really had to force myself to take this. However when I was taking this product I really felt good.  My metabolism was faster, I was digesting my food better and more often, my bowels were more regulated.  So there are some very important benefits for having this product being a constant dietary supplement.  However like anything you take for your health consult a doctor before taking to make sure it will be beneficial to you.  To be honest I was taking it daily for a while, then we started going out of town a lot during one of my reviewing months and I stopped taking it, and now as I write this review, I remember that I had stopped and am now remembering the good benefits that I got from taking this, so as I prepare to head out of town again, I'm planning on taking this with me so I can have those nice benefits again.

Pros: works well, good benefits health wise, true to its nature

Cons: tastes and smells like molasses which I don't like

Contest:  Want to win your own bottle?  Comment below with whether you like molasses or not.  Ends 9/20/14

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Infusion Water Pitcher

Details: Infusion Water Pitcher from Kitchen Frontier.  This product can be purchased from Amazon via the link provided.  This fruit infusion pitcher is shatter proof, an acrylic pitcher, BPA free, easy to use and clean, helps make drinking water healthier and safer.  Keeps fruit infused water clean and fresh without the floating pieces of fruit.  This is protected with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.Benefits include helping assist with weight loss and detoxing, staying well hydrated to boost metabolism, flush toxins and provide nutrients from naturally infused ingredients, can be filled with fruits, citrus, and herbs.  Directions: when using the infuser core here are some suggestions: cut citrus fruits into wedges that can easily fit into the core, berries can go in whole, except large berries like strawberrys and some black berries.  Fill core with a pattern of fruits, citrus and herbs so it will taste good and look nice.  Hand wash pitcher and parts.  Its best if this pitcher is infused over night for best taste and potentcy. Pitcher is a 93 oz capacity with dimensions of 7.5" x 6" x 10.25".

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product in exchange for honest non biased reviews on my blog and on amazon.  I only recommend products that I actually test, try, review and deem worthy.

My Review:  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!  Seriously, that sentence says it all about how amazing this product is.  I have Amazon prime so I got the pitcher really quickly.  It took a little bit of time to get some good recipes and the fruit needed for those recipes.  But once I got it I was able to use this really easily.  I put my infuser recipe together at night, so that it would be ready come morning.  I've been drinking it for 3 days now and love it.  The water is super duper cold, so if you have sensitive teeth drink through a straw (at least that's the advice I got from my Dentist).  The water tastes really good.  Some fruits/ citrus are more strong than others, so be mindful of what you use and how much you use.  And just in those 3 days of using this product my skin has broken out, which means the detoxing is actually working (because I'm eating clean and can feel a difference).  This works and is amazing!

My Recipe: grape fruit, black berries, strawberries, cucumber, lemon. This is a detox recipe which I found on pinterest.  The grape fruit after day 2 is super strong.  The cucumber was really strong day 1, but not any more.  I have used the fruit for 3 days now.  I am not sure how long fruit usually lasts, but so far its very fresh and potent still.  So I'm going to test it and see just how long fruit will last in the infuser pitcher.  

Pros: works great, easy to use, fruit stays fresh for a long time

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Body Firming Cream

Details: Bonapiel Anti Cellulite and Body Firming Cream with caffeine and retinol.  You can buy this product from Amazon via the link provided.  Comes in a 6 fl oz bottle.  This product will reduce cellulite by creating firmer tighter skin, is one of the best body firming creams because it will visibly improve skin firmness, will prevent the "Orange Peel" skin due to it quickly absorbing into skin, will decrease up to 90% faster within weeks, so you can "Say Goodbye to stubborn Cellulite" and comes with a money back guarantee.  Directions: apply directly to the abdominals, hips, thighs, arms, and glutes.  Massage into skin using a circular motion until absorbed or brush on in even layers with a fan brush.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My Review: It has been many many years since I last tried a lotion/ cream that helped fight or reduce cellulite, as well as a body firming lotion.  During those early years of testing I remember it not working.  So I was very skeptical when testing this product out.  When using this product, the first thing you notice is the smell/ scent.  Its strong, a good fresh scent, that will go away once the cream is fully absorbed.  I love products that have this quality!  The cream is CREAM not a LOTION so its thicker, you don't need as much when rubbing it into your skin, and stays on your body all day.  I tested this product on my thighs, abdominals/ stomach, and buttocks.  I really saw the biggest change in my thighs.  They are smoother, the cellulite can't be seen much at all, and when I shave now, its easier, with smoother, less lumpy firm skin.  I didn't see much change in my stomach, but will continue using it to see what happens.  So after using this product for a month I can say there truly is a visible change to your skin, skin is firmer, cellulite does break down more so you see it less through your skin.  I actually felt more confident after using this product that I no longer wear beach shorts when I swim, or go to the beach.

Pros: works, love the scent that goes away once cream is fully absorbed, saw the visible change in my skin, I have firmer more smooth less cellulite thighs now

Cons: none

My Rating: Thumbs Up

Home School Interaction part 2

So for this year's school season, we are really going into Interaction for my kids.  They love school now, so its time to show you what I'm doing to make school more fun this year.  
 Fishing for 100 Days: Last year we tried to focus on having a 100th day of School party, but due to our cercumstance and situation of being on the go since we were living with family in their home, I forgot to keep track.  So this year I'm making it up to them.  Especially since now both kids are in "real" school grades.  Here's our super fun chart, that cost me 50 cents.  Its great!  We use our neon wipe off markers to mark the days we do school.  The kids get 2 options with this.  Have me fill in each school day with the color they choose or have them each take turns coloring the fish in each day.
Last year my children really struggled with "counting their blessings" being grateful for anything, especially really understanding why being grateful and saying Thank you is so important.  So I created a Gratitude Tree last year, that was bigger than this one, but due to space on our walls I had to re-paint a new Gratitude Tree for this year and start over.  But the kids like seeing their Gratitude Tree during our whole school day, so its a great swap.

For my Second Grader, he really wants to know what his schedule is, what subjects he will be doing each day, and how long each subject will last.  So I bought him a Job Chart for school.  I have a list of every subject we'll cover this semester.  Than I color in the subjects we'll do each day.  Then as we complete a subject my Second Grader gets to erase that subject for that day.  So far he's loving it...we haven't kept every subject exactly yet, but its working better than not having something for him to keep track with.

My Kindergartener was getting jealous that his older Brother was having a "School Chart" so it was time to get him his own too.  This one is scaled down for his age, and a little more fun to look at.  So there's an apple for each day, and on each day I will do one of two options.
1. Write all subjects out in the same colored wipe off marker ink,
2. Write each subject out in a different colored wipe off marker ink.

Then he too, gets to erase the subject he has completed.  This is really helping this little guy because he has a short addention span, can't hold still worth beans unless its REALLY FUN for him, or complains that school takes SOOOOOOO long.  So now he knows just how long school will be, and how much smarter he will get each time he finishes a school subject.