Testimonials from companies who have worked with us.

 from Whistlefritz LLC:  5 Stars

I would rate Elizabeth 5 stars only because the scale doesn't go any higher.  Wonderful, detailed, and thorough review.  Included helpful images and explanation of the product, as well as wonderfully evocative descriptions about how the children used the product.  Couldn't ask for a better or more thoughtful review than this one.

Anti-Aging Cream Perfectie Ceuticals:  Thank you for your prompt review! I la, glad that you like the face cream.

Skinny Tie Madness:  awesome review, thanks!!!

Something Strong
Thanks for the great write up!  we'll post this on our facebook page.

Thank you for your kind review of the Pan and the extra help with Amazon.
We would love to have you review another item for us. Gordon

Hugo the Happy Starfish 
Thank you for your time and effort of reviewing my books. Thank you for your great review.

Mom's Thumb Reviews is a great asset in reaching a whole
new audience for the Kidville Rockin' Railroad CD. By actually
showing children interacting with the music
on their Youtube channel, the visual impact of the listening
experience is stunning. The review is insightful and helps
parents understand that Rockin' Railroad is music that
both entertains and educates. Thank you, Mom's Thumb Reviews!

Best Regards

Two Little Hands Productions

Perfect! Awesome review. We love the weather art.

Perfect! Great review, really liked the photos, thanks for working with us.

 Rachelle Ayala Wow, Elizabeth. Thanks for the heartfelt review! Nicely formatted blog and beautiful write up. Thanks again, Rachelle

 Ateevia Thank you for an elaborate and wonderful review which included input involving the entire family! We are so happy that you gave Ateevia PRIME a thumbs up and every single approval means a lot to us. We appreciate all of the details in the review including product attributes, explanation of benefits and examples of use. Thanks again!

 A Little Bit of Everything Reviews Thank you for the wonderful review! Love it! Great review! 

 Dr. Sue and You Awesome review and great to work with!

OIC Books Sent her review to several sites. Very helpful. Wonderful blogger. Would highly recommend.

PottyCover Great to work with.

Hi Elizabeth, thanks again for your wonderful and enthusiastic review. :) I love how you go along for the ride with my characters. Thanks again for your review. All the best, rachelle
Very very pleased with this reviewer. She was thoughtful and sweet and she has a great blog!
Thoughtful, fair review!! Love that she used the product the way it was meant!
Elizabeth Carr reviewed my "Hym and Hur" book. Her in-depth review is informative and helpful to this writer.

Excellent review! Very well written. Personal. Included product pic and relevant info. Spoke directly to Mom's.
Awesome review! Thank you for the great words. And I'm so happy House on Plunkett Street spoke to you.

Wow, Elizabeth. Thanks for the heartfelt review! Nicely formatted blog and beautiful writeup. Thanks again, Rachelle

Thorough and quick of my debut novel, Finding Monsters. Very professional and great to work with!

Thank you so much for reviewing my ebook, Crime & Passion. It was great working with you ~ Chantel Rhondeau

  • Shoulder Fun USA
    Good review. Thanks.
  • Reading Horizons
    Thanks Elizabeth!
  • Immortal Herbs
    Great review and love your layout on your website.
    • Immuno-Viva
      Elizabeth really tried this product to give a thorough, honest and informed view. Thanks!
    • Scott Zavoda - Author
      I would highly recommend Elizabeth to review products as her critique and follow through were expeditious and honest which has helped me to gain valuable insights in my product. Thank you kindly for your great book review and for going above and beyond!
    • Natural Dynamix
      Great review! Thanks Elizabeth!
    • Jammy Jams
      Thanks for the review!
      • Wearever
        Great review, a little short, but it was still overall great! Thanks!
      • Jewels by Jah
        I am really pleased with Elizabeth's thorough review of my product!
      • Rhiana's Business
        Very very pleased with this reviewer. She was thoughtful and sweet and she has a great blog!
      • Lorraine Davidson
        Thanks for taking the time to review my novel!

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