Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vitabath Hydrating Lotion

Details: Vitabath Hydrating Lotion is usually $7.99 in most stores.  Moisturize your skin with lotion formulated with Aloe Vera, Safflower and Olive Oils for silky soft skin.  This hydrating lotion enriches skin with luxurious moisture and delicate scent.  Free from propylene glycol, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic color.  Fruit Fanatic: Grapefruit Vanilla hydrating lotion is paraben free.  12 fl oz bottles.  "Super sweet deliciousness.  Three perfect words for this sublime blend of sugary pink grapefruit and smooth rich vanilla."  Drench your skin with this ultra rich lotion created to provide instant moisture and leave skin feeling soft, smooth and lightly fragrance.  Antioxiant rich super fruit blends: Acai, Goji, Coffee, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Mangosteen. Vitamin rich: Vitamin A, B3, C, E and B5.

Disclaimer: I received a free full sized bottle in exchange for an honest, non biased review for Influenster and Vitabath.

My Review: When this product came I first noticed that 1.  I didn't get the fragrance that I asked for, 2. the "lightly frangrance" is actually really strong, and 3. this is super thick lotion.  Now with these aspects that I just pointed out.  Point number one was frustrating because I wanted the Pomegranate and Blood Orange scented lotion.  But ended up with the Grapefruit Vanilla scented lotion.  I do enjoy this scent thank goodness, I was worried because my skin and nose are super sensitive to grapefruit and vanilla.  Point number two is also something to keep in mind.  This lotion is one that needs to be put on and then aired before going to mingle with lots of people because its strong enough to be categorized as over powering by those standing or sitting closest to you.  But this is an easy fix, just put it on when you're alone in the bathroom or your bedroom.  Point number three is a great feature, because as it is winter right now, thick lotion is perfect for my extra dry skin.  This stays on for hours, even if you wash your hands, which is a huge plus for me.  This would also make a great gift for anyone who loves or needs to wear lots of lotion.

Pros: Amazing product, great scents, great for extra dry skin, and for smelling good

Cons: I didn't get what I asked for, but do like what I did get

My Rating: Thumbs up


  1. Looks like a very nice lotion. I actually prefer stronger scented lotions, so I may just love it! Thanks for the great review.

  2. Oh see I love that it has a strong fragrance. A good lotion and it has aromatic staying power is right up my ally!

  3. oh, I adore lotions and I love a strong fragrance on a lotion. I have been collecting lotion because during the colder days I like to put on quite a bit of lotion. Love that I can add another brand to my list. Thanks for sharing.