Monday, December 16, 2013

Manicure Monday: Christmas Red and Gold Zing

Revlon: Saucy 640
Revlon: Saucy 640

Sassy Chick: 3 in 1 Gold polish pen

Thumb: one layer of Revlon, then 3 curved lines and 4 zing.  3 mini jewels, 1 medium jewel

Adding the zing onto the nail with wet gold polish

Pointer Finger: 1 layer of Revlon, 2 slanted lines of gold dots, with 1 mini jewel 

Middle Finger: (Similar to thumb) 1 layer of Revlon,
3 very short curved lines of Gold polish,
2 zing: 1 mini, one medium, then
add 6 dots between curved lines

Ring Finger: 1 layer of Revlon, 2 rows squiggly lines of dots, with 1 zing

Pinky Finger: Step 1: 5 Zing closing off the nail tip 
Pinky Finger: Step 2: Gold Tip: using the brush on Sassy Chic's 3 in 1 polish pen,
paint the nail tip gold in front of the zing

Finished Pinky Finger nail
Here's the finished look
(this was taken before I painted the pinky finger nail tip gold)

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