Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Today is the start of a brand new year.  I have 365 days to write about my life and the little things that go on, the bigger than the little things, and well everything that goes on.  I have desires that I want to accomplish, and goals I want to achieve, people I want to serve and experiences I want to have.  I want to learn, to develop better love and caring and happiness and wisdom.  I want to remove pounds from my body, judgement from my mind, wickedness from my soul and fear from my faith.

I want to visit with friends I haven't seen in years, to keep in touch with family and friends better.  I want to over come the hurt that is haunting my life and to be a better witness of Christ.  God has made me strong.  He is the one I turn to when I need help, when I feel alone, when no one is caring enough to be there for me.  He is my foundation where on I stand strong.  I stand with my husband and my children, we are a team, we work together, and we work hard.  I am strong enough!  I have been given the responsibility to serve other because they are not strong enough on their own.

During the year 2014, I will be sharing more than just product reviews, giveaways, and none personal things here on this blog.  I really do love serving others, and find that it is soothing to my soul.  It helps me forget the negative in my life, and focus on the positive.  God is the one that I thank when good things come my way, when happiness reigns supreme in my life.  For without true honest gratitude expression during the good times, why would God want to bless me with strength, peace, help and support during the hard times?  I'm not really sure He would really want to.  So I give thanks for everything.

Here is to a new year, a new book, a new chapter, a brand new me and a brand new you!  I saw this photo being passed around Facebook on New Year's Eve.  I really love it, it really speaks to me as a writer.  So join me and my team as we welcome the new year 2014, and all the new that will happen.

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